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Spoilers: Doom At Your Service Episode 9

Doom At Your Service episode 9
A Still from the ongoing South Korean drama Doom At Your Service

Doom At Your Service Episode 9 Release Date and Preview is something we will be dealing with next. The drama, Doom At Your Service is currently a South Korean drama that is extremely popular in the country. The drama is not only popular in South Korea but in most parts of Asia. The famous paring of the two main leads in the drama is mostly getting highly appreciated. Park Bo Young along with Seo In Guk, is the very talk of the town. These two gorgeous people are bringing out the most sizzling chemistry onscreen, and their fans are absolutely loving it. From the very beginning, the cast of the show was appreciated. But not only that, with each new episode released even the plot, seems to be fairly decent and tells a unique story. The love between a human and doom is something we couldn’t expect.

But the k-dramas is Afterall, all about thinking outside the box. When we start thinking nothing new is coming out, a great drama with a great plot comes out next. Doom at your service started at quite a high pace in terms of viewership ratings and even has quite a steady hold on it until now. Though the last two episodes of the drama saw a little decline in the viewers yet, we are sure the drama will pace it up all very well. The story of the drama is about a girl named Tak Dong Kyung. She has a steady career, and life goes on a steady pace for her. Until when she realizes she has glioblastoma. She started feeling the ground slipping under her feet, and being devasted, she gets drunk and wishes doom to fall on this earth.

Doom At Your Service Episode 9 Release Date

Doom At Your Service episode 9 release date

The main leads of the drama Doom At Your Service

Since the fans of the drama are all eagerly waiting for the next episode to release. So the wait isn’t long now since very soon now the next episode will release. Until now, the drama has already aired 8 episodes so far. Doom At Your Service Episode 9 will release on 7th June 2021 at the 21:00 time slot. The drama airs two episodes every week, that is on Monday and Tuesday on the original network TVN. The drama can also be seen on the online streaming site Viki along with subtitles. With the new episodes released, the new dynamics of the show will also unveil.

Doom At Your Service initially started airing on 10th May 2021 and has a total of 16 episodes in all. The drama will go off the air on 29th June 2021. With the duration of each episode to approximately 1hr 5min. The drama is popularly known by many names such as On day destruction entered the front door of my house and one day destruction came through my front door. The genres of the drama include supernatural, fantasy, romance, comedy, and drama. Episode 9 and episode 10 of the drama will air simultaneously. So till then, keep waiting for the show. The preview of the episode has already been released.

Preview: Doom At Your Service Episode 9

Doom At Your Service episode 9 preview

Still from the k-drama Doom At Your Service

Preview of Doom At Your Service Episode 9 is something we will be taking up next. With the ending of the 8th episode, we are more eager to know what happens next. The next episode will start off from where it left in the 8th episode. What plans have the diety kept in for these love birds, and what will Myeol Mang do to save Tak Dong Kyung are the most common questions. More romance between the two could be seen definitely in the next episode. With a huge blow coming our way too, since Tak Dong Kyung decides to break up with Myeol Mang since she starts loving him.

What more would happen? Will Myeol Mang accept her decision, or will he accept the fate will all be revealed in the upcoming episode. The preview of the 9th episode clearly gives us a glimpse of what we could expect from the next episode, and feels like so much more entertainment is coming our way for sure. So that was all for now until then, keep watching.

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