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What To Expect From Doom At Your Service Episode 7?

Doom At Your Service Episode 7 is being highly anticipated by fans. Fans were left open-mouthed in shock when Myul Mang suddenly disappeared at the end. Furthermore, we were blessed with a kiss between the two main leads at the end of Doom At Your Service Episode 6. Doom At Your Service is seriously serving some high-quality content, and that is why everyone loves it. Keep reading this article if you want to find out the release date of Doom At Your Service Episode 7 and what you can expect from the highly awaited Doom At Your Service Episode 7.

Doom At Your Service is an ongoing Korean television drama. Additionally, the drama is also called One Day Doom Entered Through The Front Door Of My House. Seo In Guk and Park Bo Young are the main leads. The names of these two actors themselves are enough to cause an uproar. But apart from the super talented main leads, the drama consists of an amazing side story, the best OST lineup, and cinematography. Specifically, the cinematography is being applauded for beautifully capturing Korea. The drama has released six episodes so far. The love triangle has also been thickening in the previous episodes. With all these components, fans love the drama and can’t wait for a new episode.

Doom At Your Service Episode 7 Release Date

Doom At Your Service cr: Viu

Doom At Your Service Episode 7 will be released on May 31, 2021. Furthermore, Doom At Your Service Episode 7 will be aired at 9 PM on tvN according to Korean Standard Time i.e. 7 AM according to Central Timing. Firstly, the drama premiered on May 10 tvN and has fans glued to their screens ever since. The drama constitutes a total of sixteen episodes, with new episodes airing every Monday and Tuesday. Doom At Your Service Episode 7 will be released on Monday, and then Episode 8 will follow suit on Tuesday. Moreover, International fans can enjoy this drama on Rakuten Viki. Subtitles in various languages are available on Viki. Tune in to watch Doom At Your Service to have your heart melted by Park Bo Young and Seo In Guk.

Doom At Service Episode 7 Preview

The cliffhanger of the previous episode was a painful one. But Korean dramas seem to follow the idea that ” more painful the cliffhanger the more exciting is the upcoming episode”.

Quick Recap of Doom At Your Service Episode 6

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After watching Tak Dong Kyung every day, Myul Mang has come to a conclusion. He will become the person she loves the most so that she and the people around her can carry on living happily. However, Tak Dong Kyung refuses the idea. She sets on to look for a guy that is terrible, and she wouldn’t mind killing. Moreover, since Sung Kyung discovered that his sister is terminally ill, he has become more reliable.

On the other hand, Na Ji Na has signed a contract with Cha Joo Ik. The contract says that if she follows and complies with Cha Joo Ik’s demands, he will make her the most popular writer. Lee Hyu Kyu and Na Ji Na meet at the school reunion. Both of them still do not seem to be over each other. However, Na Ji Na seems to hurt to accept him back. Tak Dong Kyung racks her brain to find the perfect wish. A conversation with Cha Joo Ik gives her an idea. Tak Dong Kyung wishes for Myul Mang to be madly in love with her. But he suddenly disappears.

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What to Expect from Doom At Your Service Episode 7?

Doom At Your Service cr: tvN

Thankfully, we see in the preview that Myul Mang is not gone for good. However, things are not going to be rosy. The diety senses that Tak Dong Kyung and Myul Mang getting closer may break the balance in the system. In the next episode, we are sure to see a lot of heartbreaking scenes. With Myul Mang nowhere in sight, Tak Dong Kyung will feel the effects of her disease unless he holds her hand before midnight. A scene in the preview has Myul Mang revisiting Tak Dong Kyung’s past. Moreover, Lee Hyu Kyu watches as Cha Joo Ik tells Na Ji Na not to meet him. If a one-minute long preview gave us chills, who know what the episode might do. Make sure to tune in to watch Doom At Your Sevice Episode 7 to see how things unravel.


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