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Doom At Your Service Episode 6 Recap & Plot Summary

The ongoing drama Doom At Your Service keeps getting more engaging every second. Furthermore, the drama has released six magnificent episodes so far. Myul Mang and Tak Dong Kyung are falling in love. But the catch is the person she loves the most will die in place of her. The twist of fates has fans glued to the screen. In this article, we will be giving you a recap of Doom At Your Service Episode 6.

Tak Dong Kyung discovers that she has got only a hundred days to live. Obviously frustrated, she wishes for doom in this world. A lonely entity, Myul Mang, has the same wish as her, and they sign a contract. No pain for the hundred days she lives if she wishes for doom in the end. However, if Tak Dong Kyung breaks the contract, the person most precious to her will die in her place. Fans were hooked on to this drama just after reading the plot.

Moreover, the cast of this drama makes you feel like you are in heaven. The main cast includes the fabulous Park Bo Young and the charismatic Seo In Guk. Furthermore, the love triangle between Cha Joo Ik, Na Ji Na, and Lee Hyun Kyu is in full swing. Fans are mostly rooting for Cha Joo Ik. Let us dive into Doom At Your Service Episode 6 recap.

Doom At Your Service Episode 6 Recap

Just like all the other times, Doom At Your Service has left us at a cliffhanger. That too a cliffhanger that will leave us restless all week. Doom At Your Service Episode 6 made fans go through an emotional rollercoaster. The drama is pulling off a really good balance between romance, comedy, and tragedy. Fans were bedazzled by how naturally romantic Seo In Guk and Park Bo Gum look next to each other. Moreover, the masses are rooting for the romance between the characters Na Ji Na and Cha Joo Ik. Let us take a look at Doom At Your Service Episode 6 recap.

Myul Mang asks Tak Dong Kyung to Love Him

Dong Kyung and Myul Mang standing n the rain cr: tvN

Doom At Your Service Episode 6 started off with a sweet scene.  Myul Mang and Tak Dong Kyung sat under the moonlit sky and watched a dying Korean tradition. Moreover, Tak Dong Kyung has come to the conclusion that Myul Mang is a good person. His heartbroken face, as he watches the beautiful things in the world vanish, is proof to Tak Dong Kyung. Myul Mang asks her to fall in love with him so that he can die in her place. However, Tak Dong Kyung refuses, saying that she would not be able to live happily if she made Myul Mang disappear. Another highlight of this conversation was when Tak Dong Kyung called Myul Mang a supernova. A star that dies to give life to other stars.

Sung Kyung Gets A Job

Sung Kyung’s character is played by the handsome Dawon of the boyband SF9. Furthermore, in this drama, his character is infinitely cute. When he gets to know that his sister, Tak Dong Kyung, is terminally ill, he immediately looks for a job. Coincidentally, he finds a job at Lee Hyun Kyu’s cafe. When a co-worker tells Tak Dong Kyung that the cafe has hired a handsome part-timer, she is surprised to see her brother. Furthermore, we see Sung Kyung apologizing for all the troubles he has caused for her in the past. He tells Tak Dong Kyung not to worry about money and just leave it on him. However, Tak Dong Kyung says that she used to hate her job, but now that her days are numbered, she wants to do it. The siblings keep up a strong front to comfort each other.

Myul Mang Is A Shape Shifter

Fans kept getting confused from Episode 1 of Doom At Your Service about Myul Mang’s hair color. Well, Doom At Your Service Episode 6 has given us an answer. As the ajhummas in the hospital gossip about the hospital ghost, we discover that Myul Mang appears differently in everyone’s eyes. Tak Dong Kyung brought her brother, Sun Kyung, to the hospital, worrying that the glioblastoma might be genetic. Luckily it isn’t. Moreover, on the way back home, Myul Mang tells Tak Dong Kyung that she is the only human that can see the true him.

Na Ji Na, Cha Joo Ik, and Lee Hyu Kyu are Heading Towards A Love Triangle

Na Ji Na cr: tvN

Cha Joo Ik and Na Ji Na have signed a contract. The contract says that Cha Joo Ik will make Na Ji Na one of the top ten best writers, but she has done as he says. Furthermore, Cha Joo Ik tells her not to go to the school reunion that Lee Hyu Kyu is coming to, but she goes anyway. At the school reunion, Lee Hyu Kyu and Cha Ji Na still seem to have feelings for each other. However, Na Ji Na will be moving on quickly since Cha Joo Ik is helping her. The new novel Na Ji Na is writing is name ”Second First Love” and fans are excited.

Tak Dong Kyung and Myul Mang Kiss

Tak Dong Kyung asks all the people around her if they know a guy who is a jerk and deserves to die so that she can date him. The reason being that she does not want Myul Mang to disappear and will hence choose a bad guy. Furthermore, Myul Mang suggests what if she makes her wish to love him. However, Tak Dong Kyung does not like the idea as it would mean losing Myul Mang.

A conversation with Cha Joo Ik makes Tak Dong Kyung finally decide a wish. She asks Myul Mang if her wish can be for him to love her madly, but Myul Mang says no. Although he said no, Myul Mang kisses Tak Dong Kyung indicating that he may already love her. Sonyeoshin, the diety, stares out her window while thinking that someone who messes with the system should be destroyed or reset. Myul Mang disappears right after kissing Tak Dong Kyung.

Where To Watch Doom At Your Service?

Doom At Your Service is an ongoing fantasy Korean television drama that airs on tvN. The drama blesses its fans with magnificent new episodes each week on Monday and Tuesday. The show airs at 9 PM KST, which is 7 AM according to Central Time. For international viewers, the episodes are available with subtitles in various languages on Rakuten Viki soon after broadcast. Make sure to tune in to watch Doom At Your Service next Monday and Tuesday.

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