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Doom At Your Service: Episode 1 Recap

Doom at your service episode 5 release date and preview
Doom at your service cr: tvN

The wait is finally over. Doom At Your Service premiered on 10th May on tvN. With stars like Park Bo Young and Seo In Guk, this drama was a winner even before it aired. What will happen when doom comes knocking at Park Bo Young’s doorsteps? Moreover, this will mark Park Bo Young’s return to the silver screen after two whole years. Even Seo In Guk will be returning to the screen after three years.

The fantasy South Korean drama Doom At Your Service is also known as One Day Doom Entered Through The Front Door Of My House. The drama will be broadcasted on tvN and is available for international viewers on Viki. Moreover, the drama has a total of sixteen episodes, with two episodes airing every week on Monday and Tuesday.

The story revolves around Tak Dong Kyung, our bright and highly optimistic yet terribly fated female lead. She has been living an earnest and hard life ever since her parents passed away in a tragic car accident when she was young. Added to the struggle of being an orphan, she has a younger brother who is childish and jobless. And if you think it could not get worst, Tak Dong Kyung discovers that she has a life-threatening health condition. When she calls for ruin, Myul Mang whose name literally means ruin enters, and chaos ensues.

Doom At Your Service: Episode 1 Recap

The first episode of Doom At Your Service was a banger. It ticked all the right boxes from amazing chemistry to the right OST. The episode left the viewers at a cliffhanger. In this article, we will be telling you what went on in the first episode of Doom At Your Service.

Tak Dong Kyung’s Hospital Visit

Doom At Your Service Episode 1

Doom at your service cr: Viki

Doom at Your Service does not beat around the bush and in the first few minutes of the episode, we see that Tak Dong Kyung discovers she is going to die. The doctor diagnoses her with Glioblastoma, a massive brain cancer. You would expect a person who has just discovered that she is going to die to sob uncontrollably, but Tak Dong Kyung does not shed a single tear. Further, she askes if the biopsy can be done on the weekends as she cannot take a day off.

The doctor tells her that she has a year to live with surgery and just three or four months without the surgery. Moreover, even in the three months, she will face excruciating pain. Tak Dong Kyung seems unbothered and asks the doctor, who is also a writer to submit his writings. Park Bo Young portrays brilliantly the confusion of Tak Dong Kyung who discovers that she is dying. On her way out, she bumps into Myul Mang who gives her a cheeky smile and says ” I know I am handsome”.

Myul Mang’s Hospital Visit

While Tak Dong Kyung had gone to the hospital to learn that she has only little left of her life, Myul Mang had entered to do something totally contrary. A psychotic person had gone on a killing rampage in the heart of Seoul and later stabbed himself. Myul Mang disguises himself as a doctor and tells the suspect to wake up. Moreover, he says that the suspect should live to see that there are other things worst than death. The reason why no one questions Myul Mang’s presence is that he bewitches them.

He meets a deity at the hospital. Although her name is not mentioned, we know that she is diety. Further, she talks about people like plants in a garden and how she sows them and waits for them to reap. Myul Mang questions what is his role in this garden, to which she responds ” A butterfly”. When he questions how long will he have to keep being the owner of the destruction she says forever. He says that she is being too cruel that too, to a birthday boy. The diety says that he isn’t a human, so he doesn’t have a birthday. She tells him to be someone’s wish as this is the only day he can.

Tak Dong Kyung Has A Bad Day

After she has been told that she has a life-threatening condition, her day goes even more downhill if possible. Her boyfriend of three months tells her to meet up at a cafe. When she gets there, she is shocked to see her boyfriend’s pregnant wife. The lady throws water at her and calls her a mistress. Tak Dong Kyung tries to explain how she had no idea, but it was all vain. The lady kept blaming her and then Tak Dong Kyung decides to leave.

Furthermore, she tells her to blame everything on her and live a happy life with her husband and child. Just when Tak Dong Kyung is about to leave she hears the women in pain. She takes her boyfriend’s wife to a hospital and decides to tell her that she is dying in three months, so it’s okay to blame her. This shows what a wonderful person Tak Dong Kyung is.

When she gets back to work, her boss gives her hell for being late. She apologizes repeatedly. The video of her and her boyfriend’s wife’s conversation at the cafe goes viral. To add to the mess, her boss decides to play it out loud. She says that it wasn’t her but he does not listen. Tak Dong Kyung yells at him at tells him that she will be taking a day off.

As she is on her way back, it starts to rain and she does not have an umbrella. She buys a cake for her parent’s death anniversary. Tak Dong Kyung says that she has the habit of swallowing up her tears. She talks to an aunt that lives in Canada, whose face is not revealed.

Destruction Shows Up At Her Doorsteps

Doom At Your Service Episode 1

Doom At Your Service cr: Viki

Tak Dong Kyung wishes upon a shooting star for the whole world to get doomed. Myul Mang, who has been waiting to grant a wish, hears this. He shows up at her doorsteps. Tak Dong Kyung asks him who he is and what is he doing here, but he just tells her that he will grant her wish. Moreover, Tak Dong Kyung thinks she is hallucinating.

Myul Mang even enters her dream. He tells her that no human has ever wished for the world to get doomed and that he is willing to fulfill her wish. She questions why it has to be her, to which he says because he chose her. She is woken up because of her alarm and tries to convince herself that it is a dream, but she sees muddy footsteps on her carpet and knows it’s not. Tak Dong Kyung leaves for work, and Myul Mang tags along. He says that he will grant any wish that she makes.

As she is crossing a road, Tak Dong Kyung feels excruciating pain and falls.  A truck is driving towards her, but she does not have the strength to move. Suddenly, everything comes to a halt as Myul Mang walks towards her. And he tells her to choose if she wants to die here or hold his hand. Tak Dong Kyung holds Myul Mang’s or destruction’s hand. This amazing episode ends here.

When And Where To Watch

The episodes are aired on Mondays and Tuesdays at 21:30 KST. As already mentioned, the drama is being aired on tvN and Viki to watch.

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I am Aliza Siddiqui and I am from Lucknow. I contribute to the company by writing engaging articles based on Kdrama and Kpop culture. You can contact me at

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