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What To Expect From Domina TV Series on Sky Atlantic?

new Roman period drama, Domina

People who are interested in history and historical dramas have a great chance to explore one such event of history associated with the civilization and culture of the Roman Empire. With the new period drama, Domina, viewers will see how people fought for their positions and wealth in those kingdoms. We will witness the presence of guards, emperors, and horses, along with the classical touch in civilizations.

The historical drama will air on Sky Atlantic and EPIX to make us relive the times of Roman civilizations and depicting the roles and ideals of women in that era. This series will move around important female characters, disclosing the hidden identities of cruel men and the cruel intentions of the people at that time. It is a story of a queen who fought for her rights and her kingdom, who was fearless and was filled with wit. The setting was set in Rome, and shootings in the very locations have given an extra emphasis on the importance of essence.

Kasia Smutniak as Livia

Domina is an eight-part family saga revolving around the rise and life of Livia Drusilla, who was the mother of Tiberius. She was a beacon of hope for the women and came out of all the atrocities to become one of the most influential and powerful women.

Domina Release Date on Sky Atlantic

The much-awaited historical drama based on the Roman Empire will release on Sky Atlantic, which is a British pay television channel, on May 14, 2021, i.e., Friday, 9 pm onwards. It will also be available to stream on NOW in the United Kingdom. Also, the series will be available on all Sky channels in Italy, Germany, Spain, and Ireland. Although there is no announcement about its release in other countries of the world, the series is expected to air in the USA and in some other countries towards June 2021. In the USA, the show will stream on EPIX. This distribution in other countries will be managed by NBCUniversal. The trailer of the series was released on March 23, 2021.

The show is directed by Australian filmmaker Claire McCarthy. He is assisted by Simon Burke, who helped in the creation of the miniseries, alongside writing it.

Plot of Domina

The story unfolds when the famous Roman Emperor, Julius Caesar, is assassinated. Because of this incident, the world of a little girl named Livia Drusilla turned upside down. The show depicts her journey to convince the next emperor Augustus to marry her, and she thus becomes the empress. The naïve young girl turns into a clever empress and walks on the path of seduction, fraud, conspiracy towards the last step to secure her son for the power and position he was born. Livia makes her way to the topmost position in the Empire by walking past the male-dominated society, clearing of the hurdles and men who took her for granted and underestimated her.

official poster of the upcoming historical drama, Domina

Livia is said that she took all these steps for the safety of her son from the raging successors and other members of the kingdom in power to snatch the position from him. A similar drama series was made in 1976, named I, Claudius, which depicted Livia’s murders and efforts to save her son, Tiberius, as well as gaining all the power of the kingdom by becoming the most influential woman of the time.

In that classic, Livia’s role was played by Sian Phillips, and the show was a success because of being able to depict the rivalry in the lives of the Kings and Queens.

Cast of Domina

The ‘From Paris With Love’ star Kasia Smutniak will be seen playing the main role of Livia Drusilla, who fights the rivals on her own to elevate her son in his position. Alongside Kasia, we will see Matthew McNulty as Livia’s second husband and Caesar Augustus, the future emperor. The role of young Gaius, who later becomes Augustus, will be played by Tom Glynn Carney. At the same time, young Livia will be portrayed by Nadia Parkes until episode 2.

a still from the show

Other important roles in the series will be played by actors like Isabella Rossellini, who came to be seen as Livia’s early enemy, Balbina. Apart from her, Liam Cunningham of Game of Thrones fame will play the role of Livia’s father, who fought Brutus and Cassius, Julius Caesar’s assassin. Ben Batt will play Gaius’ childhood friend, Agrippa, and the list is long.

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