Does Tanjiro kill Gyuutaro? Demon Slayer Episode 9 Preview

Does Tanjiro kill Gyuutaro
"This is a big country and it's teeming with incredible people. Some are a mystery... and a few have a natural way with the sword and become a Hashira in two months. So I'm chosen? Gimme a break. You have no clue how much I've lost over the years!" ~Tengen Usui

Kimetsu No Yaiba is one of the most trending anime at the moment. The plot twists, amazing graphics, heart-touching emotional relationships, tragic pasts, and fighting between the Demons and the Demon Slayers have kept the viewers hooked! In the 7th episode, Tanjiro finally unlocked some part of the Sun Breathing Technique, Hinokami Kagura, and fought relentlessly against Daki. Despite all his efforts, he forgot to breathe enough, resulting in almost his death, before Nezuko came out and saved him. Nezuko, Tanjiro’s younger sister who got transformed by Muzan himself, woke up and started to fight Daki. Since Nezuko hasn’t consumed any humans and hasn’t trained, her only moves are kicks. Daki easily slashed her body and legs apart from each other. However, she was shocked to see that she regenerated in a matter of seconds and evolved, soon using her Blood Technique which burnt her face.

After this, Tanjiro was woken up hypothetically by his younger brother, who reminded her to save Nezuko. Nezuko saw a human nearby, and as soon as she launched an attack, Tanjiro arrived and put his sword horizontally so that he could hold her back. Meanwhile, Uzui arrives and helps him take care of Daki. Tanjiro sings the lullaby his mom used to sing, and Nezuko thought it was her mom singing it. Soon, she realized her mistakes and sobbed helplessly before growing smaller and laying her head on her brother’s lap.

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Episode 8: “Gathering” recap

The episode starts with how Tanjiro is relieved that Nezuko has finally fallen asleep. He never wanted to get his sister in this mess. He gently puts her back in the wooden box and carries it on his back. By now, Tanjiro’s face is bloody, even his eyes. Hinokami Kagura has taken quite a toll on him, and he seems to be tired. His shoulder is hurt as well because it was slashed through in Episode 7. Meanwhile, Uzui is standing in front of the bro-sis duo of Gyutaro and Daki. They both have a psychic connection and can coordinate really fast. Gyuutaro reveals how he’s jealous of Uzui for being good-looking, having three wives, and being a “top-swagger”. He calls him special because Uzui is different from other Hashira. He keeps repeating obsessively how envious he feels.

Does Tanjiro kill Gyuutaro
Nezuko falls asleep

Uzui replies that they had no clue about the outside world because they stayed stuck at the same place for too long. He calls Japan vast, and that there are tons of talented as well as gifted people, such as someone who can take up a sword and become a Hashira in two months, like Gyomei and Muichiro. He shouts that he shouldn’t be treated like this because all of this they are seeing is because of his hard work and relentless training. Gyuutaro’s blood sickles had attacked him in the previous episode, and Gyuutaro gets frustrated that the deadly poison is not working. That’s when Uzui reveals that he’s a Shinobi, a Ninja who can resist poison. Daki mocks him that they died in the Edo Period.

Does Tanjiro kill Gyuutaro
“Master, it is I who am thankful who am thankful to you. You showed me something worth risking my life for. Doing so is merely a matter of course. People who struggle with their inner conflict are foolish weaklings. I see what must be done, and I do it.” ~Tengen Uzui

The viewers are informed that Uzui has nine brothers and sisters. Seven of them died by the time he turned 15. Panicked by the clan’s decline, his father forced them to submit to Brutal Training. The only survivors were him and his younger brother. His younger brother inherited the same mindset, hence marrying a lot of wives and treating them as expendables as long as they produced kids. He even treated his subordinates like pawns. Uzui didn’t want to be like him. He visited Oyakata-sama with his 3 wives. Oyakata-sama understood his pain because rebelling against inbuilt values and going against them was certainly not an easy task for him as well as his wives. Surprisingly Oyakata-sama’s eyes were working back then, and they’re kind, with a beautiful darker shade of lavender.

Is Tengen Uzui poisoned?

After the flashback, Uzui calls people who have baggage like conflict as spineless fools. Now, Gyuutaro notices that the poison is finally spreading, but quite slowly. Gyuutaro is really happy to see the poison affecting the Sound Hashira. Uzui says brightly that the poison can’t affect him. Uzui attacks them, and it’s a flashy fight! The bombs on touching the demons burst them!! He almost manages to slash Gyuutaro’s neck after beheading Daki but fails. Now, our 3 protagonists, Tanjiro, Inosuke, and Zenitsu, arrive in the most flashy way possible!! Now Uzui knows how to kill the siblings of Upper-Rank Moon 6. Slicing their heads at the same time would do the job! Uzui happily says in a proud voice that he’s at his best self with some poison in his system and the 3 boys helping him. Inosuke supports him while Zenitsu continues to sleep.

Does Tanjiro kill Gyuutaro
“Before you die, I have a task for you. Apologize to the girl whose ear you nearly tore off. It may be your money that pays for their clothing, food, and housing, but those girls aren’t your toys. You won’t get away with this.” ~Zenitsu

Gyuutaro tries to scare them by telling them that he has killed 15 Hashira, and Daki has killed 7. Daki launches a sudden attack which Zenitsu tackles with his fast-paced Electricity Breathing, and it’s as if Zenitsu has evolved into a much better Demon Slayer than before. It’s as if his skills are better when he’s asleep. He’s confident and moves well. Sleep is his and Nezuko’s jam! Zenitsu and Inosuke go to fight Daki on the rooftop. This is the first time Zenitsu speaks in his sleep and asks Daki to apologize to the little girl she offended.

Alas! Daki has no empathy and rather says in a scary tone that all the wrong that has been done to her, she and her brother will hold on to it and return it back to them. Meanwhile, she takes one of the eyes of her brother, which opens into her forehead. This helps her to see and predict all the moves they make.

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Does Tanjiro defeat Gyuutaro?

In the next scene, Tanjiro and Uzui are fighting Gyuutaro. Uzui and Gyuutaro are so fast that Tanjiro can’t even try to match them. Both the siblings launch endless attacks on the four Demon Slayers, using the Obi-slash as well as Blood Sickles. Tanjiro is slowly fading away, whereas Uzui gets hit even more by those poisoned weapons. The fight is amazing as all of them fight!! It’s spectacular and one of the most flashy moments in the whole anime!

Does Tanjiro kill Gyuutaro
“I’ve protected it. You told me… this is more important to you… than your own life.” ~Zenitsu

Suddenly, Uzui’s kunoichi wife, Hinatsuru, appears with a bunch of kunai (sharp blades), which launches an attack on Gyuutaro. He creates a dome using his Blood knives while Uzui grabs the chance and cuts his legs apart. The blades have Wisteria extract on them hence it cuts Gyuutaro’s legs, and he can’t even regenerate despite being Upper 6 moon. Now Tanjiro comes and puts the blade on his neck, and just about when he’s about to cut through it, the episode ends!!

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Demon Slayer: Entertainment District Arc Season 2 Episode 9: Release Date

Episode 8 leaves the viewers in a lot of enthusiastic terms, as well as jitters, as anything can happen next! What if Tanjiro kills Gyuutaro? Would Zenitsu be able to slash through Daki as well? Or will Tanjiro miss? All the Demon Slayers are now getting weak, especially Tanjiro and Uzui. At the end of the episode, in the “Nin-Nin” section, Rengoku appears and tells Uzui that his swordwork is a piece of beauty. He laughs that he has too many wives. He asks Uzui to take care of the three young boys. Uzui smiles and asks him to leave all that flashy work to him.

Demon Slayer Season 2 Episode 9: “Defeating an Upper Demon” is going to release next Sunday, 30th January 2022, at 11:15 pm (Japan Standard Time or GMT+09:00).

Does Tanjiro kill Gyuutaro
“It is the heart that drives people” ~ Kamado Tanjiro

Where to watch Kimetsu no Yaiba: Yuukaku-hen?

The viewers can watch this anime on Netflix, Hulu, Funimation, and Crunchyroll.

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