Shinichi Kudo’s Death: Will Shinichi Kudo die in Case Closed?

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Does Shinichi die in Case Closed?
Shinichi Kudo and Conan Edogawa

Detective Conan or Cased Closed is one of the greatest detective anime loved by all. Known as the Sherlock Holmes of the sci-fi anime world, Conan or Shinichi Kudo has had a fanbase since 1996. Solving and fighting crime, it is a given that Shinichi would have enemies. Right from the beginning, his life is threatened to the point where he was even poisoned. Will this poison kill Shinichi in Case Closed? Will Shinichi Kudo die?

Case Closed first aired on 8th January 1996 and is still going strong after more than 25 years. It first started as a manga series written and illustrated by Gosho Aoyama. It is produced by Yomiuri Telecasting Corporation and TMS Entertainment. The story tells us about Shinichi Kudo, a smart detective who solves various kinds of cases. He often gets in trouble, but thanks to his crazy deductive skills, he is able to get out of them as well. Throughout the anime, there have been instances where Shinichi has put himself in a dangerous situation, but the one that we will be looking into could’ve landed a fatal blow on him.

Shinichi Kudo is Poisoned

The 16-year-old Shinichi decides to take his childhood friend and future lover Ran Mouri to a theme park. During this time, Shinichi was already a renowned Detective that had been making headlines as he helped the Tokyo Police to solve many murder cases. He again had the opportunity to show off his detective skills when a man was killed brutally on a rollercoaster ride. Shinichi steps in and confirms that this wasn’t just a mere accident but a murder. In the end, he solves this case by announcing that the man’s ex-girlfriend was the murderer. She then admits it and says she had planned a “murder-suicide.”

After a while, we see Shinichi leave Ran to follow a man who wore a black suit and was carrying a suitcase, making him look very suspicious. As he was spying on him, Shinichi was suddenly hit on his head, which caused him to lose consciousness.

Shinichi is being fed the poison pill.

It is revealed that the person who hit him was partners with the man Shinichi followed. Although one wanted to kill him with a gun, the other one stopped him as he wanted to try out his new murder weapon – a new kind of lethal poison. This poison is later revealed to be known as APTX-4869. He forcibly made Shinichi have this poison, and they both left him to die.

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Will Shinichi Kudo die?

No, Shinichi Kudo will not die in case Closed. The events mentioned above take place in the very first episode of this long series. What happens to him, though, may seem intriguing and a major problem in the series.

In the next episode, Shinichi is woken up by the theme park guards. As he is still confused about the events that took place, he notices that he woke up in his six-year-old body. Shocked, the first place he goes to is his Professor Agasa. Professor then helps Shinichi out after confirming and recognizing him by placing him under the care of Ran. But before this, the Professor tells him to take up an alias and asks him not to reveal himself as he could still be targeted. For Shinichi, the name “Conan Edogawa” seemed fit as it is taken from two of the famous detective novelists – Arthur Conan Doyle and Edogawa Ranpo.

Shinichi is found as a six-year-old boy.

Shinichi Kudo as Conan Edogawa, then onwards, solves many cases as it comes along his way. But his main focus is to find the culprits who turned him into the way he is. This makes him come across many secrets of the Black Organization – A Secret Criminal Organization.

Does Conan turn back to Shinichi?

Well, yes, but no. Conan turns into Shinichi a couple of times using an antidote. Although this antidote only has its effects for a short while, Shinichi is able to solve cases within the given time.

Besides this, he also appears in the Flashback Episodes of the series. These episodes are related to the events that took place before he got turned into his six-year-old self.

Will Shinichi Kudo die in case closed
Shinichi and Conan

Right now, with the series still going on, we know that Shinichi as Conan has faced and will face many near-death experiences. Thus, in conclusion, we do not really know the future of this detective.

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