Does Peppa Pig Have a Boyfriend?

Does Peppa Pig have a Boyfriend?
Character Peppa Pig

Peppa Pig is a character and the leading protagonist of the Peppa Pig series, a British animated television series. So, does Peppa Pig have a boyfriend? The series has acquired many fans worldwide with its growing popularity. It has become a fan favorite for not only children but also adults. Thus, fans have always been curious to know more about the dating life of their favorite animated character. In the series, Peppa got romantically linked with Pedro Pony. 

There are also several instances in the series wherein we see Peppa and Pedro’s crush on each other. Fans also shipped the two characters together. Pedro even got angry with Peppa after finding her outing with Danny Dog. Even Peppa’s friends know how she has a crush on Pedro and longs for him. Now, let’s know more about her dating life and relationships. 

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Does Peppa Pig Have a Boyfriend?

Yes, Peppa Pig does have a boyfriend in the animated television series. In the series, Peppa Pig’s boyfriend is Pedro Pony. Throughout the whole series, we see the lovely and cute interactions between Peppa and Pedro. The pair would play Nintendo Switch’s video games every day after coming from school with George. Then, they go to for playing in the muddle puddles while jumping there. Later on, they went there for mocking their childhood days. They would hang out most of the time basically, along with their other friends. Once Peppa and Pedro also broke up after, he found that she was going out with Danny Dog. She also kissed Pedro in ‘The School Play’ episode after the ending of their play.

Peppa Pig's Boyfriend
Character Peppa Pig with her boyfriend, Pedro Pony

Peppa Pig: Close Relationship

Peppa Pig has a very close relationship with Suzy Sheep, Danny Do, Pedro Pony, and Max Moose. She also often got romantically linked with Suzy Sheep. However, they have always remained best friends since they were born. Furthermore, Peppa only has eyes for Pedro Pony. They have and will always remain as best friends despite their quarrels and breaking their friendship. Later on, they always make up and play together. Suzy also did not move away to another country for Peppa despite her plans to do so.

Meanwhile, Peppa also got linked with Danny Do. However, they are only friends who often fight with Peppa. Furthermore, he is more of an anti-feminist type who often ridicules her for being slow-witted. Then comes Pedro Pony, who is is a bit shy, and Peppa finds him very amusing. The pair also has a crush on each other, and their actions often reveal the same about them. Max Moose is another closest friend of Peppa Pig. They go for adventures often along with some other friends. His puzzle-solving skills never cease to amuse Peppa. 

Peppa Pig as an LGBTQ Icon in 2019

Peppa Pig is one of the most renowned and iconic characters of the animated television series ever since its emergence in 2014. However, she also has been deemed as an LGBTQ icon in 2019. The release of the My First Album in 2019 mostly contributed to the accession of the LGBTQ icon title to Peppa Pig. The album contains a track known as Expert Daddy Pig. The track is mostly about Peppa Pig’s father. Daddy Pig’s everyday activities such as hanging pictures and making pizzas. However, Daddy Pig is not actually an expert at doing any of those things which are totally contrary to the title of the track.

Peppa Pig Relationship
Peppa Pig with her best friend, Suzy Sheep

The online communities of LGBTQ had made use of the album and especially that particular track for representing sort of like some sarcastic anthem. However, they have taken a keen interest in Peppa not due to the song’s humorous irony. But, they became engrossed with it due to the unintended connection of the song to a gay kink. In the gay culture, the mixture of expert, daddy, and pig denotes completely a different picture as compared to the general parlance. But, LGBTQ people and the communities streamed and supported Peppa for that song, although the music itself does not implicitly or explicitly refer to anything of that sort. The reason for that is they clearly deemed Peppa to be an icon of gay pop that deserves the workshop of a hero.

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