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Does Liza End up with Josh? Younger Series’ Finale Love-Triangle Explained!

The article answers the question, “does liza end up with Josh?” and also explains the finale of Younger. There are a series of doubts about the love triangle formed between Josh (Nico Tortorella), Liza (Sutton Foster), and Charles (Peter Hermann). To Liza, it was a difficult choice to make. Firstly there is Josh, with whom Liza pretended to be a 26-year-old lady. Basically, she experienced a life that was pretty much wild and fun. While the other choice was that of Charles, he was Liza’s boss. And not just this, he was stable in his life and was of the right age to become Liza’s partner.

Added to this was the fact, Charles had a better understanding of the world of literacy. Basically, it was the area in which Liza was willing to make her career. Hence the real question is, does Liza end up with Josh or Charles? Since this choice was really going to affect her future. So, let us find out who is going to live happily ever after with Liza? This began with the starting of the 7th season of the series. But as moving towards its finale, this triangle started to change its shape. This was after the involvement of more people in these love affairs, thus resulting in a shape with quite a complicated structure.

Does Liza end up with Josh?

Liza does not terminate her romantic bond with Josh. Basically, the series finale makes it clear that the two have been with one another for quite a long time. Added to this was the bar scene recreation from the Pilot episode. As a result, Josh and Liza do end up with each other. Both of them have known each other for a long time. Darren Star, director of Younger’s, explains that the relation between Liza and Charles was more about proving things. Both of them had to show each other that they really were. Basically, both of them did not even have much of a romantic history earlier.

It was mainly because of the pressure at the end that the two made a decision. This was the realization that the two had about not been fit for one another. The starting of the series made it clear that Liza was not honest regarding this. For such a situation, many consequences were waiting for her. Basically, her relationship with Charles would surely secure her career. But in the long run, her personal, romantic life was completely at stake. So the thing with Charles came to an end. And he went Yaddo-ing after his selection. It is a retreat for exclusive artists. Precisely, this happened after Liza submitted for him without even letting him know.

does liza end up with josh

Liza and Josh

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More to the Plot

Another twist comes when Charles gets in Yaddo. This is the moment where he asks Liza to now run Empirical. This might come under one of the speediest stories of success in history. And this is something that Liza has wanted since the beginning. Be it the lie about her age or the extent she went to. After her recent promotion, she is all set for her party of success at a bar. Shockingly, she runs into Josh. And the whole scene from the Pilot episode comes on a replay. All of which seem like a recreation to the viewers. Liza looks kind of amused to see Josh there.

And it is in this moment that Josh says he has been there only by her side all this time. Thus an end is attained at the series finale. As a result of which the director has ended it in such a manner that new things could certainly be added. According to him, both Josh and Liza were actually there for each other. Moreover, leaving the doors open for numerous possibilities would result in the excitement for more.

does liza end up with josh

Liza with Charles

Basically, after all of Liza’s life decisions and the twists of her life, this was one hell of a decision to be made. That is all we have in this article about does liza ends up with Josh and the explanation to the finale of Younger’s. This is a series of doubts about the love triangle formed between Josh (Nico Tortorella), Liza (Sutton Foster), and Charles (Peter Hermann).

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