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Did JJ have an Affair? Everything To Know About it

JJ affair
JJ with her William LaMontagne.

Does Criminal Minds actress JJ have an affair? Her last known relationship was in front of everyone. But currently, who is she dating? JJ has always been in the news because of her amazing acting skills. Everybody out there is dying to know about who is she dating? No doubt she is a popular celebrity and has a huge fan following. Her fans are always eager to know about her personal life. In this article, we will discuss does she really has an affair? And more about celeb’s personal life.

Jennifer Jareau is a beautiful well-known actress. She is a multi-talented woman. Jennifer’s eyes are very attractive. Her eye color is watery blue. In a very popular drama, Criminal Minds, she has played a fictional character. Her drama Criminal Minds is created by Jeff Davis and portrayed by great A.J. Cook. JJ’s first appearance in the drama series was in 2005, September 28th. She has worked in straight 15 seasons of the CBS crime drama Criminal Minds. She has given her all efforts to the drama. And in 2020, in season 15, she made her last appearance on February 19. In drama, she has performed very well. She is a phenomenal actress. Coming to her personal life. JJ is a powerful woman with a competitive spirit.

JJ affair

Jennifer Jareau on the Criminal Minds.

Is it really JJ have an affair? Is she married?

To know does JJ really has an affair. Everybody is curious to know about her relationship status. Or we can say it is the right of every fan to know about their favorite celebrity. Rumors spread that she is having an affair with her co-star. Criminals Minds’ star Cruz has been rumored with Jennifer Jareau. Mateo Cruz is discharged U.S. Army soldier and worker in the drama Criminal Minds. In an Interview, Erica Messer, an American writer, and producer said. She said JJ and Cruz are not having an affair. They are not involved in any type of relationship. Jennifer first met Cruz in the Middle East in October 2010.

In one of the interviews, she said that Cruz is one of his best friends. Cruz is only his friend, nothing more than friendship. They both worked for the State Department of the U.S.A. That’s why they are instructed to hide their friendship. And they keep their friendship a secret. From other sources, it has been revealed that they casually meet. They often meet to socialize and exercise together after work. JJ is a responsible and also a household woman. And real truth is that she is married. She is a happily married woman and not involved in any relationship.

Jennifer Jareau’s married life

Yes, it is true that Jennifer Jareau is married. She is a happily married working woman and mother. She manages both the house and her career as well and by herself only. Both couples have worked in Criminal Minds. In 2012, in the final episode of Criminal Minds season 7, JJ asked Will to propose to her in a very romantic way. After a dream proposal, JJ said yes to Will. In David Rossi’s backyard, they had a small ceremony, and they tied in a married knot. If you don’t know about Will LaMontagne. Then let’s have a brief intro. Will LeMontage is one of the popular characters of Criminal Minds. Will is a recurring character from the drama. His first appearance was in “Jones”. The last appearance was in “And in the end’.

Will is the only son of his mother and father, William LaMontagne. William’s profession was a detective. Because of his passion, Will has chosen the same profession and become a detective.

William LaMontagne Jr. married Jennifer in season 7 of their drama. After few years of marriage, JJ becomes pregnant. On November 12, she gave birth to a baby boy. They name their child Henry LaMontagne. After 5 years of Henry’s birth, JJ and Will planed a second baby. And their second baby Michael LaMontagne born. Henry’s small brother was so cute. She had said in an interview that Everyone was feeling great because now their family was completed. The LaMontagne is also on social media like Twitter, Instagram, etc. Even small henry and Michael have their own social media accounts. JJ and William manage kid’s accounts.

You can watch the drama Criminal Minds on Netflix.

JJ affair

Criminal Minds’ Jennifer Jareau.

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