Does Ari Shaffir Have A Boyfriend? Widespread Speculation About the Podcaster

Well, the matter never goes unheard when oozed gossip is related to the dating life of any celebrity! Following this, the internet gets full of curious minds who want to know more about that hot topic. And to quench the thirst of all those, today we are here to discuss yet another ongoing rumor which claims that Ari Shaffir is gay and thus has a boyfriend. Moreover, it would be interesting to note that the rumors do have some solid grounds on the basis of which it says all these. And if you, too, are curious to know more about his sexual orientation and other things related to Ari Shaffir’s love life, then follow us as we dive through this article!

However, before we move our focus to the main topic of today’s discussion, let us know a little more about Ari Shaffir so that the blog becomes handy for those also who are new to this name. On that note, Ari David Shaffir is an American comedian, podcaster, actor, writer, and producer. He produces and hosts the Skeptic Tank podcast, which helps him to attract most of the limelight. Moreover, he also co-hosts the podcast Punch Drunk Sports with Sam Tripoli and Jayson Thibault.

Additionally, Ari Shaffir is a regular guest on The Joe Rogan Experience podcast. It would also be interesting to note that he had also previously hosted and produced a television series that he had created. Basically, it was an adaptation of his monthly stand-up show. And the title of that television series is This is Not Happening! This show has its focus on comedians telling real-life experiences with a pinch of satire. Well, now let us include the hot topic in our discussion, does Ari Shaffir have a boyfriend? Is he gay? Let us find out!

Ari Shaffir boyfriend
Ari Shaffir

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Does Ari Shaffir have a boyfriend? Why do fans think so?

First, let us answer the question that why do fans think that Ari Shaffir has a boyfriend. Well, as of now, it has been quite a time since the rumors regarding this have surfed the internet. And it gained speed when Ari has hinted at something related to it on one of his podcasts. Where he narrated a story in which several times he referred to someone as his boyfriend. Following this, the internet was divided. Some said that he was describing his love life, and so he is gay, while some said that there’s nothing like that, and it was just a matter of misunderstanding. So, what’s the truth? Is Ari Shaffir gay?

Well, no matter what the rumors claim, it is for sure that Ari Shaffir is not gay! However, as far as his love life is concerned, he is presently single and is not married. And to everyone’s information, he is usually tight-lipped when it comes to his personal life. Moreover, his social media handles too are focused on his profession with little to no information regarding the things going on in his life.

Ari Shaffir boyfriend
Ari Shaffir

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More about Ari Shaffir

Well, these are the details that every die-hard fan would want to know. So, starting with his age. Ari Shaffir was born on 12th February 1974 in New York City to a Jewish family of Romanian Jewish descent., and so, within a few days, he would be 48 years old! Until Ari was nine years old, his family was raised conservative Jewish. After which, the family had moved to Maryland, where they had adopted Orthodox Jewish beliefs. Regarding his higher studies, in 1999, Ari graduated with a degree in English literature from the University of Maryland.

And now, let us disclose the height of this successful comedian. So, he stands 1.9 m tall, which is 6 Feet 2 Inches. And as far as his weight is concerned, he weighs moderately according to his large height, which is around 80!

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