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Does Anne End Up With Gilbert In ‘Anne With An E’?

Anne and Gilbert
Anne and Gilbert

Does Anne end up with Gilbert in Anne with an E? Anne with An E sadly got cancelled after the third season. Despite a petition from the fans, the series got cancelled.  After the cancellation of the series, fans are more eager to know whether Anne and Gilbert end up together. Anne with An E is a Canadian television series adapted from Lucy Maud Montgomery’s Anne of Green Gables. The novel Anne of Green gables is the best-selling book released back in 1908. The CBC series was created by Moira Walley Beckett. Amybeth McNulty portrayed the character of the protagonist of the story Anne Shirley. Lucas Jade Zumann played the character of Gilbert Blythe. The series also starred Geraldine James as Marilla Cuthbert,  R.H Thomson as Mathew Cuthbert, and Dalila Bella as Dianna Berry.

The series was premiered back on March 19, 2017. The show was renewed for the second season in August 2017. Anne with An E season 3 was released in 2019. The plot of the series was set in the late Nineties. The series follows the story of an orphan girl Anne Shirley’s life adventure. At school, she feuds with a handsome guy named Gilbert. Anne is a fanciful, talkative, and sensitive girl who slowly falls for him. The story is about their love story. Today in the article, we will talk about Anne and Gilbert from Anne with an E. Firstly, we will talk about their relationship and thereafter whether they end up together or not. But before moving further, have a look at the trailer of the third season.

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All about the relationship of Anne Shirley and Gilbert Blythe

The first season of the series spent time forging a friendship between Anne and Gilbert. Gilbert tries his best to talk to Anne, but she ignores him. She ignores him in a bid to make some new friends. Only after the death of Gilbert’s father, Anne tries to talks and comfort him. He was totally in love with her, right from the beginning. At the start of season two, Gilbert was too scared to confess his love. He talks to Sebastian about her, who mocks him for it. Anne, too keeps her distance from Gilbert as her friend Ruby has had a crush on him. Finally, in season three, episode ‘ A Dense and Fruitful Darkness’ Anne realizes she loves Gilbert. Their budding romance is the most highlights thing of the third season.

However, he’s about to propose to Winifred but is convinced that she doesn’t love him. Moreover, he was paying more attention to Winifred so as to suppress his feelings for Anne. Out of fear that Gilbert will leave her, Anne leaves a note for him telling him that she loves him. Unfortunately, Gilbert doesn’t get the note. Finally, Gilbert writes a letter expressing his feeling to Anne. 

Anne and Gilbert

Anne and Gilbert, still from the series Anne with an E

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 Who does Anne end up with, in Anne with an E?

During the third season finale episode “The Better Feeling of my heart” Gilbert finds out the original Anne’s letter. He flees to her before she says goodbye to Green Gables. When they met, they know about each other’s feelings. Anne and Gilbert seize their perfect reunion with a kiss. They are going to continue their relationship. So, yeah finally Anne end up with Gilbert. Anne and Gilbert are soulmates, and they are meant for each other. They share several heartwarming and romantic moments throughout the series.

In the novel Anne of Green Gables, they eventually end up getting married. The pair has three years of engagement before they tie the knot. In the novel, they get married at Anne’s house of dream. Moreover, they were even blessed with seven kids at the end of the novel. Unfortunately, fans won’t be joining their journey as the fourth season of the show got cancelled.

Anne and Gilbert

Anne and Gilbert, still from season three, last episode The better feeling of my heart.

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