Dispatch Reveals Conversations Between Former Memebers of AOA; Mina and Jimin: Mina Confirms The Texts

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AOA Jimin and Mina -Dispatch drops text messages
AOA's Mina and Jimin

Disputes between AOA members Kwon Mina and Jimin have been in the news for over a year. After a year, Dispatch has revealed texts between former AOA members; Kwon Mina and Jimin. It was reported in July 2020 that Mina was harassed by the group’s leader Jimin for several years. The conversation included the other members of AOA as well. However, the 128-minute text conversation release by Dispatch shows how AOA members bonded and cleared their feelings for each other. Apart from Mina and Jimin, other AOA members were also a part of the conversation. AOA, which initially debuted with eight members, now has only three active members.

The conversation released by Dispatch encompasses a full-length script. But, don’t worry, further in the articles, we will explain the complete scenario to you. As per the conversations and texts between the former and current AOA members, it turns ChoA wrapped up the situation. She and the other AOA members managed to diffuse the year-old situation carefully.

AOA Jimin and Mina -Dispatch drops text messages
AOA Active members

Knetizens have mixed reviews on the recent update in the Jimin-Mina situation. But, the majority of them are happy to see the issue getting settled finally. The conversation was heated in the beginning, and Mina even continued to curse at Jimin. However, as for now, things are agreed between the two over texts.

AOA Mina and Jimin Feud- Dispatch Reveals Conversations

Media outlet Dispatch released the 128-minute conversation between AOA active members and ex-members. Dispatch did this to bring the reality in front of anyone. Back in April 2020, Jimin’s father passed away, and Mina attended the funeral. She was present at the funeral, and as per sources, the two hugged and reconciled. Moreover, Jimin apologized to Mina, and things were okay. Or as we thought, they were.

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AOA Jimin and Mina -Dispatch drops text messages
Text Messages between AOA members and ex-members.

After the conversation between Mina and Jimin in April, things started to look better for them. The two former bandmates were also on good terms until July. In July 2020, Mina came forward to talk about the ‘Bullying in the group.’ After her accusations, Dispatch revealed the chats between Mina and other AOA members.

After the messages were out in front of the public, Mina and Jimin got into another feud. According to the messages, Jimin said sorry to Mina. But, she also said that she doesn’t remember bullying her or the events that led to Mina leaving the group. Meanwhile, Mina replied, saying that the apology is useless if [Jimin] doesn’t remember the circumstances.

To make things better, the other members tried to solve the differences between Mina and Jimin. However, their efforts were not of any help. And Mina and Jimin continued staying on bad terms. Furthermore, another long conversation in the AOA group chat happened. This time, the others listened to both Mina and Jimin.

AOA Jimin and Mina -Dispatch drops text messages
Group chat messages between AOA members (cr: Dispatch)

Jimin explained in her texts that she was stressed and had a lot on her plate as they had a busy schedule back then. ChoA asked the two to understand each other. In the end, Jimin said sorry to Mina, but the latter did not. Mina was persistent and decided not to apologize. ChoA somehow wrapped things up, and the matter was settled.

Kwon Mina is the Real Culprit?

After ChoA wrapped things up, Jimin issued an official apology and left the industry. But, as things are coming out, people are starting to believe that Mina was also a culprit after all this time. After Jimin left the industry, Mina continued to text her from November 2020 to May 2021. The texts show how Mina wanted to take revenge on Jimin as she expressed her pain via texts. Mina tried provoking Jimin through bad words, but the elder one did not reply.

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So, who is actually the culprit? Is it AOA’s Mina or Jimin?

“Is Mina taking it too far?” People are asking these types of questions now and then. Leaked messaged between Mina and FNC staff members also prove how rude she can be. Moreover, two of the managers mentioned in the solo chat that “Mina Unnie can be too sensitive.”

Manager: She was angry on her way out [of the salon], wasn’t she?

Manager: I think it’s because Mina unnie is especially sensitive.

We hope the situation gets cleared soon. And if you’re bullied and depressed, please contact the helpline services in your country ASAP.

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