Disney+ Released The Stills For The Upcoming K-drama ‘Grid’

grid kdrama

It’s raining some amazing k-dramas in the upcoming month as another Korean thriller is on the way. One of the most anticipated k-dramas ever since its announcement, ‘Grid’ will soon be hitting the TV screens. As only a few weeks are left until the episode release of the k-drama. Disney+ went on to release a few teasers of the upcoming k-drama ‘Grid’. The upcoming k-drama will be following the story of a ‘ghost’. The unknown entity has created a shield known as “the Grid” to protect humanity from life-threatening solar winds. After being gone for 24 years, the entity returns an accomplice of a murderer.

The teaser stills released by the production teams give a look at the major characters of the show. ‘Grid’ has a star-studded cast including ‘Are You Human?’ fame Seo Kang Joon and ‘200 Pounds Beauty’ fame Kim Ah Joong in lead. While ‘The Gangster, the Cop, the Devil’ fame Kim Moo Yeol and Reply Series’ fame Kim Sung Kyun in the second lead roles. After having a bunch of supporting roles, Lee Si Young is also getting her big break playing the most important role in the k-drama. As the story follows the chase behind the ghost, everybody from the authority to the ghost has their own motives.

grid kdrama
The cast and the characters of the upcoming K-drama’ Grid’

The Cast, The Characters, and The Plot

Playing the role of Kim Sae Ha, Seo Kang Joon appears as an employee of the Management Department. While Kim Ah Joong plays the role of Jang Sae Byuk. She’s a violent crimes detective. After witnessing the ghost at the crime scene, Sae Byuk participates in the investigation. While Kim Sae Ha is the first person to report the incident after he coincidentally ran into the murder suspect. Getting the call, Sae Byuk arrives at the site and teams up Kim Sae Ha in the interesting case. As he is desperate to discover the truth behind the Ghost, Sae Byuk will not be holding her curiosity back either. As the mystery of the ghost begins, there are people on the side of denial too. Played by Kim Moo Yeol, Song Eo Jin doesn’t believe in ghosts and denies the existence of the one Sae Ha is looking for too.

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A fellow employee of the Management Department, Eo Jin, has no interest in looking for a ghost lady that his co-worker spotted. But as he comes across the official report regarding the woman who disappears right before people’s eyes, things aren’t as simple as it seems. Falling into a state of confusion, Eo Jin will be running an investigation of his own. Letting his mysterious personality out that he hides while acting as an ordinary government employee. Kim Sung Kyun will be playing the villain in the story as of now. Playing the murderer named Kim Ma Nok, he has no exact date of birth, family, or friends, but a mysterious ghost helping him. He has a threatening aura that keeps people away from him. Keeping all the four characters together and making them cross each other’s paths, Lee Si Young plays the ghost. In 1997, she created the Grid to protect humanity from life-threatening solar winds and disappeared. But after 24 years, she makes her comeback to help commit a murder.

upcoming k-drama 'Grid
Stills from the upcoming k-drama ‘Grid; Kim Ah Joong as Sae Byuk.

The Script Reading Of The Upcoming K-drama’ Grid’ Was Mysterious…

Along with the writer Lee Soo Yeon and director Ri Gun, the actors also gathered for their first script reading. According to the cast members, the worldview of the script is large and fun. While the cast is confident that they can create a drama that exceeds expectations of what a drama can typically be. Writer Lee Soo Yeon is also happy with the outcomes and the chemistry between the actors. And is asking fans to look forward to the upcoming k-drama.

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