Disenchantment Season 2: Renewal, Netflix Release Date, Spoilers

We have had a discussion previously talking about all that’s wrong with Disenchantment and the room for improvement with its storyline, narrative, widening the scope of the show, etc. Matt Groening is no strange name to the word of anime; he is good at what he does. Probably that’s why Netflix thought that there was room for more improvement and gave it a chance, so Disenchantment Season 2 is renewed!

Basically, Netflix ordered the show as a whole 20 episodes in two batches, the first batch aired on August 17′ 2018 as Part 1. And so the other 10 episode will constitute the second batch of the show, as part 2. The team has started to work on Part 2, and it is soon to arrive. How soon? We’ll discuss that below.

Disenchament Season 2 Release Date

Disenchantment Season 2: Release Date

Now with Season 1 or rather part 1 debuting this August 17′ 2018, one can take a wild guess at Disenchantment Season 2. It may make it to Netflix in August of 2019. Twenty episodes of Disenchantment were commissioned right away, so this means that Disenchantment Season 2 isn’t all that far away. Disenchantment Season 2 might air before August 2019. Producers might have been working on Part 1 and two together since they both were commissioned as a whole. For now, no announcement on the release of Season 2 has been made.

Disenchantment Season 2: Spoilers

At the end of Season 1, we saw two big reveals being made. Must warn you of spoilers at this point. It was revealed that Bean’s Mother Queen Dagmar wasn’t dead after all, she has turned to stone. This left Bean with the choice of either reviving his mother or Elfo. Elfo, as we saw, was dead. Bean ended up choosing his mother who then poisoned whole Dreamland.

The other debatable part of Disenchantment is the kidnap of Luci before Queen Dagmar turned Dreamland to stone? Was it exorcist big Joe who had tried to kill Luci twice? But wasn’t Joe buried under last the last we saw him? All of this needs to be addressed.

Elf, as was revealed, is actually half-elf, so show makers need to address that plot points too.

Disenchantment Season 2: Cast

After what Queen Dagmar did to The Dreamland, they all turned into stone. So we don’t know who comes back and who doesn’t. The main cast of the show includes Abbi Jacobson as Bean, Eric Andre as Luci, John DiMaggio as Bean’s father King Zøg, Tress MacNeille as Bean’s stepmother Queen Oona and Sharon Horgan as Bean’s mother, Queen Dagmar.

At the same time, Nat Faxon might not be back as Elfo given that he was killed off. Same goes for Billy West and Maurice LaMarche, will they be back as Sorcerio and Odval? (since they turned into stone). All of this remains to be seen with a finale episode that left so many cliffhangers and little impression on people, let’s hope all goes well with Disenchantment Season 2.

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