‘Dimension: Answer’: ENHYPEN Talks About Their New Album!


Almost two weeks into ENHYPEN’s comeback, and things have been looking good for the boy group. Months after release’ Dimension: Dilemma’ in October 2021. The monster rookies, aka ENHYPEN, went on to release their new album’ Dimension: Answer’ on January 10, 2022. Continuation in the ‘Dimension Series’, ‘Dimension: Answer’ is the repackaged and extended version with three new tracks. Within a week, the comeback album has sold over half-million copies. Along with being ENHYPEN’s first repackaged album, ‘Dimension: Answer’ has also broken all the records of sales of the boy group’s previous albums and singles. The album has also topped the iTunes chart in over ten countries worldwide.

As revealed by themselves, the boys want ENHYPEN to come to people’s minds whenever they think of K-pop. And they are taking a step forward to their goal with every comeback they make. As the live stages are on, the boys are paying attention to the minor details and hopes to make their fans proud. Over the past year, ENHYPEN has just gotten better since the time of their debut, which was also a remarkable start. And looking at the positive response from their fans, the boys are happily moving forward with their art. Putting in more hard work and putting out some great music.

'Dimension: Answer' By ENHYPEN
ENHYPEN: ‘Dimension: Answer’

‘Dimension: Answer’ By ENHYPEN: The Inspiration, The Stories, Future

‘Dimension: Answer’ has eleven tracks in total, out of which the new three tracks will be continuing the story of ‘Dimension: Dilemma. Starting from the ‘Intro: Whiteout’, the album’s new title track is ‘Blessed Curse’. With the second new track being ‘Polaroid Love’, the album ends with the new addition ‘Outro: Day 2’. The tracks are addictive and looking up to their seniors, the boys of ENHYPEN have been practicing their moves. And with the ‘Blessed Cursed’ music video out, we can see that their practice has been paying off. As the synchronized choreography inspired by BTS looks absolutely bomb.

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Talking about their album in an interview, the boys of ENHYPEN talked about the stories behind the album. Making a comeback in three months along with a New Year, the boys have put a lot of hard work into the music. Hoping that the fandom would love it. Talking about the concept of the album as the series is based on the ‘dilemmas of life’, the aesthetics of the previous album were highly inspired by Greek mythology. The boys questioned the dilemmas through their songs. Talking about ‘Dimension: Answers’, Jake revealed that through the new tracks, they continue the story, telling us that they have finally opened their eyes. Finding the answers to reality, the boys try to live their lives on their own terms instead of the world.

'Dimension: Answer' By ENHYPEN
A still from ‘Blessed Cursed’ Music Video

The Story Behind ‘Blessed Cursed’…

The new title track ‘Blessed Cursed’ talks about how the boys of ENHYPEN felt when they got the blessings. But after realizing the truth of the world, the blessing seems like a curse to them. Through the single, the boys tell the world that they will not abide by their rules and choose their own ways. The boy group is all set to perform on stage as Jay revealed that the fans will be able to see and understand the concept of ‘Dimension: Answers’ during their stage performances. With the Y2K feels, the track has the retro feels of the year the early 2000s. The boys have really put out their complex emotions individually and have highlighted different ideas for the fans.

Talking about his favorite part, Sunghoon boasted about their perfectly synchronized choreography. While Ni Ki talked about how the boys have grown so much since their debut. And hopes that the fandom will be able to see their growth. The choreography of ‘Blessed Cursed’ has been the most physically demanding one out of all the songs the boys have done till now. And they’ve put in a lot of effort and hard work during the practice sessions.

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