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Digimon Adventure Episode 58: Preview and Recap

Digimon Adventure

The tale of the Chosen Ones continues, led by eight crests to search for the powers to counterattack Great Catastrophe. Let’s find more about evolution and the Chosen Ones in the recent episode of Digimon Adventure. The Chosen Ones has no clues about the Great Catastrophe approaching the Digital world. Taichi and Agumon continue with their journey after helping Yamato to defeat his enemy. Meanwhile, at natural hot spring Kido hot spring, Hikari and the Digimons enjoy relaxing there. Hikari and Takeru receive a message from Taichi and Agumon.

Patamon has recovered, and Takeru told Taichi that they would leave the hot springs soon. Joe is glad that even the Holy Digimon is enjoying the springs. Kyoshiro talked with Taichi about Wisemon’s research team that sent Honeybeemon to pick them up. The two also spoke about the data recovery, and Kyoshiro said they are thinking of departing soon. Great Catastrophy is still a mystery ever since Wisemon predicts the event from happening. Kyoshiro reminds Taichi to follow the direction shown by the Digivice. Suddenly the communication cuts, and the sky turns pitch black.

Tachi and Agumon get swallowed by a giant green eye. The episode title is ”Contact From the Catastrophe.” The two woke up in another world, and Agumon wonders what this world is. An army of mysterious Digimons appears, and Taichi realizes they have fought these Digimons in the past. Algomon fires the laser beam, and Agumon admits that Tentomon fought with Algomon. Algomon crew is the one that took over the ships in the world and almost caused a major disaster. Taichi notice that the Algomons are appearing in the network and also in the Digital World.

Previously on Digimon Adventure Episode 57

Algomon evolved into talking Digimons and called out Taichi and Agumon’s names. They form a pact and turn to a Devil, Algomon, who said Taichi Yagami is a human child and one of the Chosen Ones. Algomon said Agumon is the Digimon who can evolve through the connection with the Chosen Ones. Taichi asks what Algomon wants, and Agumon asks if they’re going to avenge their defeated friends.

Algomon reveals that they got created to execute a mission and make the will of their creators. They wrap Taichi with tapes, but Agumon manages to jump. Agumon defeats the first group by cutting them with his claws. He got surprised to see multiple copies of Taichi calling him. Agumon wonders which one is the real Taichi. They both dash toward Agumon, but they got caught up in a neck choker.

Metalgreymon Mega Evolution

Digimon Adventure

Digimon Adventure

Agumon got confused, wondering which guy he should save. But some of them told him that they are fine, and some told him to protect them. Agumon jumps and saves the fake Taichi that explodes. Agumon realizes that if he messes up, he might end up making the real Taichi explode. Algomon reminds Agumon that he is running out of time since he touched the fake Taichi. All of them got programmed to explode if they get freed from their binds. Algomon vanishes, and Agumon asks why he is doing this.

A voice replies that this is an experiment and there is only one way to escape this place. Agumon must rescue the real Taichi Yagami to escape this dimension. Algomon told Agumon that he must hurry up or Taichi’s pulse will stop and take responsibility for killing Taichi. The guys begin to say that they are the real ones, and the other said Agumon could tell and he has to choose his Taichi. They try to mess with Agumon.

The other one told Agumon to run for his life, and the second one mocks Agumon. He tried to think and try to free the one who talked about choosing, but the guy explode. Agumon realizes that they are playing minds games with him, but he won’t give up on Taichi. After a long battle, Agumon managed to locate Taichi after realizing that Taichi will never cry for help when he is in danger. Agumon uses Baby Flame and free Taichi. The two reunites and decide to take down the enemies. He entered Metalgreymon Mega Evolution and turns into Wargreymon. Wargreymon defeated Algomon, and the two return to their world.

Digimon Adventure Episode 58 Release Date

Digimon Adventure Episode 58 release date is 25 July 2021, at 9:00 AM JST. You can watch Digimon Adventure on Crunchyroll and AnimeLab; you can also look at Spoilers & Preview: Digimon Adventure Episode 57.

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