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Preview & Recap: Digimon Adventure Episode 56

Digimon Adventure

Digimon Adventure is left with a few episodes to conclude the season finale. The Chosen Ones thought that the battle has ended after defeating the bringer of chaos Milleniumon. But things changed as they discovered the eight crests that need to be solved and decided to set a journey fighting different mysterious Digimon. The Chosen Ones fights to counter the Great Catastrophe. Mimi and Palmon follow the Digivices direction; they reached the edge of the Cloud Continent near Tanemon’s village.

Mimi used to rule that location as a queen; later, the tow landed on the ground, and Mimi comments that she hopes everyone is okay. Palmon adds that they should have brought Golemon and the others too. The episode title is ”The Digimon School Under Attack.” Palmon saw something and wonders when did this thing get here. They met with a bearded face man who asks them if he cam helps them. Mimi asks the geezer if he knows about her servents, the Tanemon since they lived here. The old geezer replies that the Tanemons are studying her. Mimi wonders why they have to learn.

The geezer reveals that this place is an honorable Digimon School. The two saw Takemon and other Digimon students learning. They welcome Mimi and realizes that it has been a long time after embracing her. The oldy land with a broom and comments that she is the principal of this Digimon School. She said that she is Babamon, and their school strives for the evolution of a strong, pure, and beautiful Digimon. They offer education as their school motto. Mimi saw the symbol of ”evolution” and realizes that Takemons can evolve through learning in school.

Previously on Digimon Adventure Episode 55

Lalamon greets Mimi, who notices they evolve from Takemon to Lalamon. Babamon told the two that they are offering a free, three-day trial course. Palmon thinks that if she learns more, she might evolve. The two decide to enter the classes after giving away their signatures. Mimi suggests that they can have a first tour of the school, and Babamon told them to keep quiet since they got enrolled now. Babamon reminds them that good students listened to their teachers. Mimi said she is Mimi Takichikawa and Babamon said they should call Mimimon starting today.

Mimi starts to complain, and she got punished and run 100 laps around the track. Lalamon comments that hard training has continued ever since they have enrolled. The students realize that Babamon still uses the old methods to train them, and those are for the oldies who have struggled for freedom. Babamon shouts at them to stop slacking. Mimi argues with Babamon about her methods. Babamon replies that the students need those kinds of lessons, and the two need to learn a lesson.

Digimon Adventure

Digimon Adventure

 Lilimon Mega Evolution: Rosemon

Mimi switches on her watch, and Palmon enters evolution and evolves into Togemon. Babamon gets excited and said she would see what the student will do. Togemon unleashes with Prickly Bang-Bang, and Babamon showed them her back. The needles chop her back, and she said that they had healed her back pain. Togemon enters super evolutions and turns into a beautiful girl Lilimon. Babamon wonders what Lilimon has to offer on the table.

Lilimon unleashes Flower Cannon, and Babamon does the same trick. The two wonder why Babamon has to block everything using her back. Surprisingly she deflects that Flower Cannon that chases Lilimon and Mimi. The two break the lap record, and Babamon praises them that they showed good evolution, but they are still premature. She told them that they must put in the effort to become firm, pure, and beautiful like her.

Later they practice shooting evil Digimon, and Mimi reminds Palmon, who turned to her usual self, that they have to show Babamon that they can improve. During the training, Palmon uses Poison Ivy and earned 50 points. Babamon thought that Mimimon is a Digimon and told her to attack. Mimi replies that he is a human. The next day the villain Banchomamemon arrives, and Mimi realizes that the students were training to fight against him. Lilimon enters Lilimon Mega Evolution and becomes Rosemon, who defeated Banchomamemon with heavy blows during the battle.

Digimon Adventure Episode 56 Release Date

Digimon Adventure Episode 56 release date is 11 July 2021, at 9:00 AM JST. You can watch Digimon Adventure on Crunchyroll and AnimeLab.

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