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Watch Digimon Adventure Episode 54 – Preview and Recap

Digimon Adventure

Today we’ll be talking about Digimon Adventure Episode 54. The journey of the Chosen Ones will end soon since the great war in Digital World has come to an end. Digimon Adventure continues with the Chosen Ones traveling through the Digital World in search of the truth behind eight crests. Led by the eight crests, Taichi and the rest of the team began with the new Digimon Adventure. The children are searching for a power to encounter the Great Catastrophe. Later after the battle, Joe and the group head to enjoy the hot springs, but they find that the hot springs are missing.

Patamon wonders if they have arrived at the wrong place. Joe wonders why the hot springs had vanished. Patamon told Hikari to head back inside Komondomon. The team heard a voice saying, ”Let the hot springs bloom! let the banquet begin, who is the fellow behind the hot sporing’s steam, and that would be the continent’s most stylish Digimon.” The guy introduces himself to be Kabukimon, and the Chosen Ones asks him about the hot springs. Kabukimon replies that they have all dried up, and they can follow him to enjoy the one within the mansion where his Lord resides.

The Chosen One gets excited, and Joe comments that they would love to bathe. Kabukimon told them that they could call it a party of six. The episode title is ”The Geko Hot Spring’s Revolt.” Kabukimon arrived at the mansion and told Gekomon to open the gate. They receive a substantial welcoming part, and Frogimon played trumpet for them. Kabukimon talked about Shangri-La and presented his master to the Chosen Ones after kneeling. He reveals that his boss is the master of Geko Hot Springs, Lord Tonosamgekomon.

Previously on Digimon Adventure Episode 53

Joe and the rest of the group wanted to dive in, but Kabukimon told them that the hot spring not for commoners. Joe wonders why Kabukimon has brought them here. Kabukimon replies that he said there is one but never promised that they would bathe. Lord Tonosamagekomon laughs at the Chosen Ones, who noticed that Tonosamagekomon looks like a geko. Joe asks Kabukimon to explain, and he replies that only Lord Tonosamgekomon is allowed to bathe since that the hot spring made for him.

Kabukimon reveals that they are the ones who get rid of all the springs around. Joe realizes that Kabukimon and the villain gang of Frogimon are the ones who dried up everything. Lord Tonosamgekomon laughs at Joe, who said they did a cruel thing. Kabukimon comments that they can say what they want, but his Lord’s decision will never be wrong. Patamon asks why Kabukimon lead them here. Kabukimon moves out of the way, and Lord Tonosamgekomon stretches his tongue to lick the Chosen Ones. What awaits in Digimon Adventure Episode 54?

Gamamon Evolution

Kabukimon asks Lord Tonosamgekomon how they taste, but he pulls Gamamon using his tongue and wanted to swallow her. Lord Tonosamgekomon comments that Gamamon will be taste meal. Gomamon sais that his name is not Ogoma but Gomamon. Lord Tonosamgekomon replies that Ogoma is a lovely name and Ogoma is his bride starting today. Gomamon remarks that she is not anyone’s bride and tried to free herself. Kabukimon reveals that his Lord has two brides, and he is the ultimate cozy shogun.

Digimon Adventure

Digimon Adventure

Joe tried to save Gamamon, and Lord Tonosamgekomon unleashes Kobushi Tone that blew the Chosen Ones away. Joe and the rest of the team landed on a snowy mountain. Lord Tonosamgekomon told Gomamon that they could enjoy bathing since they are left alone. Hikari and Takeru pull Joe out of the snow pit and plan to rescue Gomamon. Joe trips and notices something on the ground. Tailmon digs the snow using Neko Punch. The crew of Naninamon and Blossomon appears.

Naninamon and Blossomon are freezing since Kabuki, and his Lord stole their warmth. They decided to help their long-time friend Joe to defeat Kabukimon and his Lord. Joe comments that he can’t turn a blind eye to these Digimon suffering. Later the crew arrives at the mansion. Taichi arrived and listened to Joe’s story. The Chosen One’s battle with Kabukimon and his team. Metralgreymon uses Mega Flame to punish the villains. Gomamon evolve to Ikkakumon and battle with Lord Tonosamgekomon, but they defeated Lord Tonosamgekomon after Ikkakumon evolves to Zudomon. So when should fans expect Digimon Adventure Episode 54?

Digimon Adventure Episode 54 Release Date

Digimon Adventure Episode 54 release date is 27 June 2021, at 9:00 AM JST. You can watch Digimon Adventure on Crunchyroll and AnimeLab.

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