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Preview & Recap: Digimon Adventure Episode 53

Digimon Adventure

The Chosen Ones has traveled to the Digital after finding that the bringer of destruction Milleniumon wants to destroy the world. They proved to be stronger and defeated him. After the great war of Digimons, the chosen ones traveled to the place where all Digital information gets stored. Digimon Adventure will conclude soon since the war between humans and the evil Digimons has ended. The Chosen One’s new adventure has begun after meeting with Wisemon, who reveals that the Great Catastrophe will occur shortly.

The crew finds that the key to saving the world is to find the mystery of the eight crests. Let’s find out what awaits beyond the Chosen’s Ones’ journey. During their journey, Taichi and Sora lost control of their ride and crashlanded. Fortunately, the safety squad of Digimon puts a ballon that saved them from getting injured. Junkmon arrived and told Taichi and Sora that it was not safe first. Junkmon said the boys who protected the Chosen Ones from returning to their stations and resumes operations.

A group of Mushmon shouts Safety First as they head back to their duties. The Baconmon supports them. The Chosen Ones wonders what kind of Digimons saved them. The episode title is ”Dance Of The Heaven, Hououmon.” Taichi communicates with Koshiro, asking about the data recovery. Koishiro replies that he will make sure to find clues about the Great Catastrophe. The Chosen Ones realizes that they crashland on Junkmon territory. Junkmon orders his man to clean up the junkyard. Junkmon told Taichi and Sora to put safety first since they are working.

Previously on Digimon Adventure Episode 52

Agumon asks Junkmon why he keeps on saying safety first. Junkmon replies that it is his industry’s motto. Agmon started to learn the industry motto, and Sora asks Junkmon about what they do. Junkmon asks the Chosen Ones if they didn’t notice before they crashland. The island’s volcano sometimes has small eruptions; for everyone to survive on this island, they must stop the lava by building the wall and changing the lava flow. Taichi thinks that they are doing a challenging job.

Junkmon comments that fighting nature is troublesome, but the volcano has been acting weird. Junkmon thinks that a massive eruption will occur soon. The Chosen Ones realize that they are in danger, and they have to help. Junkmon told them that they have to hurry and strengthen the wall together. Agumon shouts that he will work hard, and Junkmon gave them working tools and followed the motto of his industry. The Chosen One wears helmets and gloves. Junkmon told them always to put safety first.

Digimon Adventure

Digimon Adventure

Agumon Evolution

He gave them a task to gather materials for the wall and transport them. Taichi and Sora work together collecting the junk stuff for blocking the lava. Sora wonders if all the junk stuff falls here from their world. Piyomon falls on her back, trying to pull heavy machinery. Junkmon noticed that and told them to remember their motto. They mix the cement with the steel materials they have collected to strengthen their wall. The Digimons begin to build a wall, and Junkmon teaches them how to make the wall harder.

Suddenly, the volcano triggers, and the team wonders if the incident is starting now. Junkmon warns everyone about the eruption. The lava exploded, and the rocks begin to hit the wall that they have built. Later the destructions stopped, and Sora lost Piyom. She realizes that Piyomon has got buried under the metals that fall on her when the earthquake started.  Junkomon destroys the metal and free Piyomon, who is unconscious. Piyomon wakes up, and they find that only her arm got dislocated. Sora helps Piyomon to recover.

Taichi realizes that they have to build a more substantial wall and finish it before another earthquake. Junkmon comments that they have to make that wall taller and more robust. The team begins to work hard before the worst happens. Piyomon wanted to join them, but Junkmon told her that there is no physical labor for her since she is hurt. After building the wall, the lava started to flow. Taichi decided to save every on. Agumon enters evolution and evolves to Greymon and defeat Hououmon.

Digimon Adventure Episode 53 Release Date

Digimon Adventure Episode 53 release date is 20 June 2021, at 9:00 AM JST. You can watch Digimon Adventure on Crunchyroll and AnimeLab.

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