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Spoilers & Preview: Digimon Adventure Episode 51

Digimon Adventure

The Chosen Ones continue to battle with the bringer of destruction Milleniumon. Before Taich arrives, he fell from the Cloud Continent with Agumon. Agumon told Taichi that he can still fight, and Taichi agrees that they have to defeat the bringer of destruction. Agumon enters Super Evolution and transforms to Wargrewmon. Millenniumon swallowed the rest of the Chosen Ones and locked them inside the black orb. Koishiro comments that Milleniumon’s powers are compressing the data.

The Chosen Ones realize that they have to fight to stop the orb from compressing. Taichi and Agumon counterattack Milleniumon using Cyclo Breathe. The attack neutralizes the sphere from compressing. Tailmon and Patamon decided to help Taichi. Tailmon enters Super evolution and evolves to Angewomon. Patamon becomes Angemon, and they start to fight with Milleniumon. But the bringer of destruction is too powerful for the Chosen Ones to handle.

Previously on Digimon Adventure Episode 50

Millenniumon attacks the Chosen Ones with flaming fires from his wings. Taiki and Wargreymon got defeated, and Lopmon wonders if this is the end of the world. Leomon comments that he belive in Taichi, and they are also part of the Chosen Ones. Hakari shouts Taichi as the dark powers swallow Taichi and Waregreymon. Taichi heard Hakari calling him and realizes that this is not the time to give up. Waregreymon enters Super Evolution for the third time and becomes Metalwaregarurumon.


Metalwaregarurumon attacks with Giga Flame and slams Millenniumon. Millenniumon refuses to go down quickly and fight using his flames. Hikari notices that Taichi is struggling and summons the powers of Angels from heaven. Her Digimon transforms into Angedramon, and Takeru’s Digimon transforms into Goddramon. The battle turns to a 50/50 action, and the powers of Gods and Evils clashed. Angedramon punishes Millenioumon with the forces of Holy Angels.

Milleniumon notices that he is losing and cover the earth with a destruction spell. Tailmon realizes that Milleniumon is aiming to bomb the whole world using a destruction spell. The Chosen Ones attacks Millenioumon trying to break the Millenniumon spell. Goddramon notices that the magic is too hard to die, and they began to land massive blows. Taichi and Waregreymon got defeated and crashlanded inside a dark pool.

Lopmon wonders how powerful Milleniumon is. Yamato and Ochiro try to fight their way out of the black orb. But Taichi returns to the battle with Metalwargreymon and destroys the black ball with a powerful blast. Metalgarurumon attacks with Cocytus Breath that decreases Milleniumon’s powers. Tachi notices the Milleniumon is growing big and getting fast. Wargreymon unleashed Brave Shield and blocked the beam coming from Milleniumon. Millenniumon tries to slap Waregreymon, who attacks using Brave Tornado. The Brave Tornado almost destroyed Millenniumon’s horn, but it cracked.

Holy Digimon

Millenniumon uses his dark powers to strengthen his armor. Holy Angemon enters Mega Evolution. Angewomon also entered Mega Evolution. Yamato comments that he can see the light of hope. Koshiro realizes that this is the Holy Digimon’s power, and Hikari remarks that the energy can save the world. Holydramon created a dimension for Taichi, Kioshiro, and the others to recover while she buys time for them. The trio notices that the Holy Digimon has evolved further than they expected. Goddramon and Holydramon begin to land hummer blow and pulverizes Millenniumon.

Digimon Adventure

Millennium’s spell is about to explode. Lopmon comments that this is the war that will determine the fate of the Digital World. Goddramon attacks with God Flame, and Holydramon attacks with Holy Flame. Millenniumon counters the attacks with Bouble Flames. Leomon comments that he is witnessing an intense battle for the first time in his life. The powers cancel each other, and the dark clouds vanished. Takeru told Goddramon to unleash the last strike.

Goddramon unleashed God Fist, and Holydramon releases her full power and attacks with the Holy Light, Apocalypse. Milleniumon receives a shower of massive blows, and Taichi realizes that this is the time to end this battle. He steps up with Wargreymon to land the final blow. After defeating Milleniumon, the Unknown appears and battles the Chosen Ones. They managed to defeat the Unknown and Taichi lying on the ground, realizing that this was the final battle and what is left is to return to Tokyo.

Digimon Adventure Episode 51 Release Date

Digimon Adventure Episode 51 will release on Sunday, 6 June 2021, at 9:00 AM JST. You will be able to watch Digimon Adventure on Crunchyroll and AnimeLab.

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