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Spoilers & Preview: Digimon Adventure Episode 50

Digimon Adventure
Digimon Adventure

The Chosen Ones continue to battle with Mugendramon, preventing them from stopping the process or reviving the bringer of destruction Millenniumon. Taichi told Yamato and the rest to leave the battlefield. He vowed that he would defeat Mugendramon. The Chosen Ones left the battlefield but, on their way, they heard a massive explosion. Taichi wonders what is happening; he noticed a huge black cloud covering the Cloud Continent. Meanwhile, Leomon and his crew arrive at the Cloud Continent.

Leomon sensed an evil Aura and wonders what is happening. He comments that it must not be what he is thinking, and Lopmon remarks that Leo is thinking. Lopmon reveals that Cloud Continent is getting swallowed by evil powers. She also talked about the ancient war and that Millenniumon is about to be unleashed. After a massive explosion, Sora communicates with Taichi wondering if Taichi is still alive. Suddenly the ground started shaking, and an enormous beam of light appears inside the water.

Previously on Digimon Adventure Episode 49

After a massive beam of light vanishes, a dark crystal emerges with spheres of Sephirothmon inside it. Lopmon realizes that they can’t stop Millenniumon’s reincarnation and all they have to do is fight back. Yamato asks Agumon if he can still fight, and Agumon nods his head. Yamato told Sora and Koshiro to follow him to stop the enemies. He orders Joe and the rest of the Chosen Ones to remain and take care of Tailmon and Hikari, who are still recovering.

The Chosen Ones

The underlings of Mugendramon reveals that Mugendramon is about to activate his final force phase. A vast white monstrous creature emerges near the crystal. The underlings started to chant Time of Completion. They reveal that Millenniumon Time of Completion is about to complete. The monstrous white creatures got swallowed by a huge dark cloud. Yamato, Sora, and Koshiro fly with their partnered Digimon to help Taichi. Sora asks Birdramon if she is okay.

Birdramon reveals that she is fine, and Koshiro tries to locate Taichi. The Chosen Ones can’t connect with Taichi.
Yamato is worried and realizes that their communication with Taichi got cut off after a massive explosion. Yamato told the crew to hurry up, and they will have to destroy the monstrous white monster before Millenniumon revives. Lillimon apologizes to Mimi that she can’t fight back. Mimi told her not to worry since the other Chosen Ones will handle the matter.

The God of Evil Millenniumon

Digimon Adventure

Digimon Adventure

Joe said to Hikari that if they push Komondomon, they might end up losing him. Tailmon wakes up and calls out Hikari’s name. Hikari hugs Tailmon and reveals that Taichi and Agumon had disappeared after a massive explosion. The Chosen Ones has managed to arrive at the location of the dark crystal. The monstrous white creature summons evil Digimon to counterattack the Chosen Ones, who are about to stop the reincarnation process. Griffmon appears, and Koshiro tries to find who Griffmon is.

Koshiro reveals that Griffmon is a Mega Digimon. Yamato came up with a strategy to counter Griffmon and told Koshiro and Sora to go ahead. Yamato orders Metalgarurumon to smash Griffmon. Meanwhile, Tailmon realizes that Millenniumon will get revived since they got outnumbered. Tailmon believes that they don’t stand a chance since most of them are injured. Joe, Tailmon, and Hikari are witnessing thunderbolts colliding inside the enormous dark cloud.

They wonder what must be happening there, and Gomamon tries to move, but Joe stopped her since he is still recovering. At the top of Cloud Continent, the battle begins with Birdramon unleashing Shadow Wing. She destroys Mugendramon’s underlings with a single gust of fire wind. The attacks didn’t work, and Yamato comments that they must continue moving forward and believe that Taichi and Agumon will return. The reincarnation gets completed, and the underlings’ comments now rise the God of Evil Millenniumon. Taichi and Agumon appear after the reincarnation got completed.

Digimon Adventure Episode 50 Release Date

Digimon Adventure Episode 50 will release on Sunday, 30 May 2021, at 9:00 AM JST. You will be able to watch Digimon Adventure on Crunchyroll and AnimeLab.

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