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Spoilers & Preview: Digimon Adventure Episode 49

Digimon Adventure

Taichi and the Chosen One continue with their journey to save the world. On their way to find the Holy, Digimon which is the key to save the world, they encounter mysterious Digimon enemies. The ancient Digimon history gradually becomes clear to them. The bringer of the destruction and darkness and the existence called Millenniumon become clear. Millenniumon is the evil soul that stimulates violent Digimon to make them evolved and uses them to create a new body and revive.

To prevent Millenniumon’s reincarnation, the Chosen One head to the Sealed Ground called FAGA. When they were about to reach their destination, a terrible situation began to unfold. Takeru receives a new message when he is working on his computer. He calls the crew to come and see. They communicate with Leomon, a guy who helped in the previous battle with Knightmon. Leomon told them that he is safe along with his comrade. He said to them that they are with Eldoradimon.

Previously on Digimon Adventure Episode 48

The episode is titled The Attack of Mugendramon. Leomon reveals he survived the storm with his crew, and the sea drifted them away, but they were not hurt. He said that they are near a castle that keeps growing, and they are using its system to communicate with them. One of Digimon reveals that the castle is part of Eldoradimon’s body. Lopmon also talked about how Eldaradimom’s body works. Leomon reveals that they met with Lopmon during their journey, and they hear many things that happened when they were not around.

Taichi’s crew ask about Woodmon. Lopmon comment that Leomon is taking care of everyone. Meanwhile, their partnered Digimon sensed the intense evil powers toward their direction. Hikari asks Tailmon what it is, and she said that they have arrived at FAGA. Tailmon reveals that Millenniumon’s shard, which is the key to his revival, must be hidden somewhere around. Hikari sensed Millenniumon’s presence and noticed that the sky is turning black. Lopmon warns the Chosen Ones to hurry up before the resurrection of Milleniaumon is fully completed.

The Cloud Continent

Digimon Adventure

Digimon Adventure

The connection between the Chosen Ones and Lopmon cuts due to the intense dark powers. They later arrive at an unknown continent that Taichi reveals that is The Cloud Continent. They spot Vademon and Takeru comments that Vademon is working for Millenniumon. He reveals that Vademon is trying to bring Millenniumon into this world. Tailmon realizes that that Vademon and his ally are responsible for destroying her family. Vademon sent a message that he has reached the final stage.

Hikari sensed the danger and warned Komondomon to stop. Kondomon stops in time, and the ground near them explodes. Taichi realizes that he would have been blown away by the explosion. They spotted a mysterious Digimon emerging from the ground. Agumon enters evolutions and evolves into Greymon. But the mysterious Digimon blew them away with a single swoop. Vademon comments that they are representing Mugendramon, the strongest Digimon. Greymon realizes that they have to stop Mugendramon no matter what.


The other partnered Digimon also evolved to help Greymon. Komondomon also fires with spears trying to make Mugendramon explode. Togemon entered Super Evolution and evolved in Lilimon. Lilimon started firing flower beams towards Mugendramon. Ikkakumon also entered Super Evolution and beloved into Zudomon and started hammering Mugendramon. He tried Hummer lightning spark that did no damage to Mugenmdramon. Greymon realizes that he has no match for Mugendramon and entered a Super Evolution.

Greymon evolves into Metalgreymon and attacks Mugendramon with a Giga Storm. None of their attacks are working against Mugendramon. Hikari saw something within Mugendramon’s body as they continue to attack him. Mugendramon started to punish the Chosen Ones and their partnered Digimon. Vademon is glad that Sephirothmon has collected countless data that will help them during the reincarnation process. Taichi makes Metalgreymon turn into Wargreymon to finish the battle and told the rest to leave.

Digimon Adventure Episode 49 Release Date

Digimon Adventure Episode 49 will release on Sunday, 23 May 2021, at 9:00 AM JST. You will be able to watch Digimon Adventure on Crunchyroll and AnimeLab.

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