Did Wells Adams And Sarah Hyland Break Up?

Wells Adams and Sarah Hyland

Did Wells Adams and Sarah Hyland break up? Before learning things about their relationship and current status, let’s talk a bit about them. Starting from the basics, Wells Adams gained massive prominence with his participation in The Bachelorette Season 12. Later, he also appeared in Bachelor of Paradise Season 3. On the other hand, Sarah Hyland is an actress known for her role as Haley Dunphy in Modern Family. Some of her other works include Struck by Lightning, The Wedding Year, Dirty Dancing, Vampire Academy, etc.

Talking about their relationship, Wells and Sarah started dating each other back in October 2017. Their love for each other has always been publicized, and the duo never stepped back to flaunt their relationship in front of the public. But, these days, rumors are ruling the web, making the speculations that Wells and Sarah have broken up. But, there is no valid reason that would start this suspicion. What do you think? Dig into this article to know did Wells and Sarah break up?

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Did Wells And Sarah Break Up? Relationship Details

Here comes the good news! Fortunately, Wells Adams and Sarah Hyland haven’t broken up and are still together. They are young, sizzling, famous, and good-looking, and as a couple, their romance is blooming with time. Fans can’t keep their eyes off the pictures that Wells and Sarah keep posting on social media. They appear to be each other’s cheerleaders. The Bachelor in Paradise star confesses that there is no way that he would be able to navigate this world without her. Having so much love for each other, how can you even think that Wells and Sarah have split? Also, these love birds are quite vocal about their ongoing romance to their fans.

Did Wells and Sarah break up
Wells Adams and Sarah Hyland- being a power couple

Sarah was busy filming her upcoming sequel of Pitch Perfect in Berlin, Germany. On 11 May 2022, the actress shared a Tiktok video of her journey back to the United States after the shooting ended. She added a caption, saying, “IM BACK WITH Wells Adams and the pups!!”  This single post proved how much excited she was to get back to her boyfriend after staying away for so many days. Wells made her a homemade sign to welcome her. Don’t you think that’s romantic?

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Relationship Details

After dating for a couple of years or so, Wells and Sarah got engaged to each other in July 2019. Moreover, they planned to tie the knot, taking the final step on 8 August 2020. But then Covid-19 hit, and they were forced to postpone their wedding. Not just once or twice, they had to make delays several times because of the pandemic. With so many failed attempts, both are hoping for 2022 to be their marriage year.

Did Wells and Sarah Break Up
Wells Adams and Sarah Hyland

Sarah is taking the lead when it comes to their marriage plans, handling all the ins and outs. When asked about it to Wells, the star says, “You’re talking to the wrong person about the intricacies of my wedding. I’m not in charge of any of this, other than I believe the can’t and the taco truck. And that’s as far as my expertise will go. So, talk to Sarah!” Additionally, he shared how Sarah acts as a motivational force for him. He confessed that a person needs someone who would be on his team and help his team to uplift. And there he has gotten Sarah, being so proud of her. Also, Sarah feels fortunate enough to have such a caring and loving partner like Wells. The love birds very often gush about each other in the interviews.

Briefly, Wells and Sarah appear to be inseparable and hope their relationship stays like this forever. Best Wishes to them for their new journey! Hoping the good news is on its way! Congratulations in advance!

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