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Did Shanks Eat A Devil Fruit? One-Piece Theory Explained

Hello everyone, today we will talk about Shanks, one of the four emperors of the sea. Did Shanks Eat A Devil Fruit? This extremely powerful character who is behind the motivation of Luffy is a little mysterious with unexplained objects in the series. The series is on 950+ episodes till now still, we know very little about this character. All we know is, Shanks was one of the crewmates on Roger’s ship, and then he created his own pirate gang, and suddenly he appeared in the war and stopped the ultimate war in an instance. This badass character is also seen at the Holy Land of Maryjois meeting with the great five elders secretly before the meeting of Reverie.

The last time we saw Shanks was in Reverie and prior to seeing Luffy’s photo in a newspaper entitled, “The Fifth Emperor Of The Sea Emergerges”. We do not know what he actually wants from Luffy and what’s his ultimate goal? Why he became a pirate and what Roger told him secretly before leaving the ship. We will also discuss whether he ate devil fruit or not and how much power he actually has? So without wasting any more time, let’s jump to our Topic.

How Powerful Is Shanks? Did He Eat A Devil Fruit?

So now, let’s discuss his motives and did he actually ate a devil fruit or not. According to series and manga, all we know is, he is the ultimate haki user and an expert swordsman. He named his sword Gryphon, but there is no information available about its grade. But according to us, it won’t be any kind of ordinary sword because, as we know, Mihawk and Shanks were rivals in the past, and Mihawk holds the  Saijō Ō Wazamono grade sword, so it will be very unlikely that his rival Shanks will hold the ordinary sword.

According to the sources, it is very unlikely that he actually ate a devil’s fruit because until now, every time we see Shanks in battle, he was only using either his sword or his Haki. Even with a quick spar with WhiteBeard, he used his sword to stop the WhiteBeard’s ultimate Saber, which confirms that he is not the one who ate the devil fruit like his mentor, Roger. Even Roger and Rayleigh did not eat devil fruit. They were extremely powerful solely in their skills and fighting spirits. Theories predict that his fighting style would be the same as Roger which we have seen recently in the Wano-Kuni arc. It might be true as he is the father figure pirate for Shanks.

Did Shanks Eat A Devil Fruit?

Shanks with Gryphon

Shanks’s Ultimate Aim

The ultimate aim of Shanks is something we still do not know. He is like a father figure for Luffy, and this motivated him to become King of Pirates. He even transfers the Roger hat to him. Shanks sees the second Roger in Luffy, which he also told to Rayleigh in the Saboady arc, so this confirms that he is actually not into becoming king of pirates. According to some internet sources, he just wants to complete the ambition of Roger, which he told him before leaving the ship, but we can’t guarantee the genuineness of this theory as this comes from unofficial sources. But if we talk about it on a concrete note, up to now, we still do not know about his ultimate goal, but we will update this article as soon as we get some official update through any official channel.

Did Shanks Eat A Devil Fruit?


More About One-Piece Anime

One-Piece is a Japanese manga-based anime written and illustrated by Eiichiro Oda. The story revolves around a young boy Luffy who aims to be the pirate king and search for the great treasure, One-Piece. He then set off his journey and found amazing crewmates along the way and named his crew, Strawhats or Mugiwara. Produced by Toei Animations, the series has over 990 episodes with 1000+ manga chapters. This series holds the record of highest-selling manga in Japan and has a huge fanbase. The series holds so many mysteries, and up to today, we do not know what One-Piece actually is. This anime is a masterpiece that you will cherish throughout your life, and you never want it to get completed. This anime is something most of us grew together with. The series is expected to run till 2025. This is just speculation.

Did Shanks Eat A Devil Fruit?

One Piece anime

So this was all about Shanks. We will see you next time with more amazing articles. Until then, Goodbye.

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