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Did Sanji Eat A Devil Fruit? Powers About The Black Leg Of Straw hats Discussed

Did Sanji Eat A Devil Fruit?
Vinsmoke Sanji

Hello everyone, today we will talk about the Black Leg Sanji. We will discuss whether he ate the devil fruit in the series or not. We will also discuss his abilities, motive after becoming a pirate, and where did he come from but before starting anything related to it, we want to tell our readers that this article contains heavy spoilers regarding the series, One-Piece. So if you don’t want to get spoiled, you should not read this article and skip to our other spoiler-free articles, which are easily available on our website. So after a quick warning, let’s get started.

So before answering the question straight, we want to recall to our new readers who Sanji is? If in case you don’t know him, Sanji, aka Vinsmoke Sanji, is the fifth member of the straw hats. He is the cook of the straw hats pirates. He joins the mugiwaras after the Baratie arc. He was born as the third son and fourth child in the Vinsmoke family, which he disowns and came to Baratie under the care of Zeff. He worked as a chief on his ship and later joined Mugiwaras after the proposal of Luffy to achieve his ultimate goal. So this was a quick brief about Sanji. Now, Let’s move to our main topic.

Did Sanji Eat A Devil Fruit? Sanji’s ultimate goal in the series

No, Sanji didn’t eat the devil fruit neither he will. Sanji is the best swimmer in the Straw Hats, and he does not want to lose his swimming skills. As we know, the one who eats devil fruit can’t swim. We have seen Sanji many times saving Luffy and others from drowning, so he is best without the fruit. So this is your answer to the question, Did Sanji Eat A Devil Fruit or not. Now, let’s talk about his ultimate goal in the series.

When Sanji was working in Baratie with Zeff, he always dreamed of seeing the All Blue. All Blue is a place somewhere beyond the grand line where the fishes of the entire world come to gather, but he did not gather the courage to step out of the ship and follow his dream until Luffy motivated him and asked him to be the cook on his ship. Luffy told him he would help him to discover a grand line that shone his eyes and made him join Straw Hat. So this is all about his ambition in the series.

Did Sanji Eat A Devil Fruit?

Sanji after time skip

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Sanji’s Abilities

Apart from being a great cook, he is also a great warrior. He can swim faster than any member of straw hats, and his kicks are on another level. He can defeat even the giant enemy solely by his legs. He learned various kick skills from his Red-Leg Zeff. Zeff was the powerful pirate who returned from the grandline and stayed hunger for many days. Then he decided to open a restaurant at sea so no one could remain hungry. Sanji is the MVP of the whole-cake island arc, where he betrays Mugiwara but later apologizes to Luffy for his behavior. He also knows how to perfectly use observation haki. It is not sure yet, whether he knows how conqueror Haki or not. So this was the complete synopsis about his abilities.

More About One-Piece Series

One-Piece is a manga-based Japanese anime written and illustrated by Eiichiro Oda. The story revolves around a young boy Luffy who desired to find the greatest treasure, One-Piece, and aimed to be the king of pirates. Then, he recruited many pirates along the way and formed a Straw Hats crew. They travel many islands along their way and fight many powerful enemies. They are currently at Wano, where they are fighting with Kaido, one of the emperors of the sea. The manga of One-Piece is one of the most selling manga in Japan, and approx 1000+ chapters are already being released. If we talk about anime, it is very close to the 1000th episode, and still, we don’t know when it will end.

So, this was all about today’s article. We will see you soon in some other cool article. Until then, Goodbye.

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