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Did Quavo and Saweetie Breakup? The Truth behind the Elevator

Saweetie uploaded a tweet indicating breakup
Saweetie and Quavo broke up in March 2021

Saweetie is a 27-year-old rapper, singer, and songwriter. Her actual name is Diamond Quiava Valentine Harper. Quavo is also an American rapper and singer, songwriter ad record producer. He is a part hip-hop trap trio of the Migos. Quavo is 29 years old. Both of them have created significant music in the music industry of Hollywood. Quavo has created remarkable music for movies such as the Fast and Furious series as well as much other music such as Breakthough and Y.R.N (2013). Saweetie’s famous songs include Tap In, ICY GIRL, My Type, and her song Emotional ft. Quavo.

They had started dating in September 2018. Though the couple officially declared their relationship in 2019. The first time they were seen together was at New York Fashion Week. They soon became the power couple of Hollywood, but it did not last long. In March 2021, Saweetie and Quavo broke up. Saweetie announced her breakup with Quavo on Twitter. There is a thread of tweets that led fans to speculate the real reason for the breakup. There are a series of incidents that made the incident very similar.

Saweetie’s Tweet Announcing Their Breakup

Saweetie and Quavo was the power couple in Hollywood

Quavo taking part in Saweetie’s Music Video

Quavo and Saweetie unfollowed each other, which led to some speculations among the fans. On March 19, 2021, Saweetie posted on her tweeter that she is finally single. She was betrayed and hurt, and the false rumors and narrative degraded her character and her image. She also said the gifts and presents do not solve problems if the partner is providing intimacy to other women. Her next tweet clarifies things further that she feels a great sense of peace and freedom and that she is excited for the new chapter in her life.


Apart from her tweets, there was no further explanation about Quavo cheating on her. However, fans readily assumed that she was cheated on by Quavo because of certain statements such as “intimacy to others.”

The Migos member Quavo felt the need to defend himself. Therefore, he also tweeted. His Tweet said that he loved Saweetie, but he realized that she is not the woman he thought her to be. He further added that he wishes all the best for her future. All of these tweets clarifies that Saweetie and Quavo had broken up, but the reason for the same was unclear. Neither Saweetie nor Quavo made any official statements apart from the tweet.

Toxic Relationship between Saweetie and Quavo – The Elevator Incident

Saweetie and Quavo tried to cover up the elevator incident

Saweetie and Quavo at the Grammys

The most current incident which might demonstrate the reasons for the breakup of the couple is the “Elevator incident” at their North Hollywood Apartment. The footage was posted by TMZ media, and the video went viral all over the internet. Quavo received a lot of criticism for his violent and abusive behavior towards his girlfriend, Saweetie.

The footage includes the couple Quavo and Saweetie; Quavo pushed her and trusted her inside the elevator. It appeared like the couple was fighting both verbally and physically. Saweetie had an orange suitcase which got thrown away. Saweetie struggled a couple of times to get out of Quavo’s grip, but then she gave up. The footage is almost for 2 mins.

Saweetie was on the floor of the elevator for the rest of the video, and she was facing the wall. After the elevator stopped to their destined floor, Quavo got ready to get out, by Saweetie still did not get up. Quavo tried and dragged her out of the elevator. She might have been heartbroken and might have given up.

Quavo on The Elevator Incident

Quavo said that the incident was not as bad as it looked, and he felt grateful towards the relationship even though it did not last. Both Quavo and Saweetie described the incident with terms such as “tussle” and “Unfortunate.” However, none of them said that Quavo was physically abusive, but still, the footage raised a lot of questions.

The Police Department of Los Angeles and detectives are investigating the same, and they are going to question and interrogate both the parties involved in the incident.

Saweetie on The Elevator Incident

Saweetie described the incident just as a hurdle in the relationship because it occurred a few months before the breakup. She said that they faced a lot of misunderstandings and tussles in the relationship, but they are past those hurdles. They are trying to look at the brighter side of the relationship, and they wish to continue being with each other. However, we all know that the couple already broke up in 2021.

To sum up the takeaway from the incident though no one accused each other of physical violence and abuse, the clip speaks for itself. People tend to be blinded by love, and they do not see the big red flags within the relationship. I am not the one making any judgments, but if the clip would have been so simple, then the police department would not have shown up.

Physical Violence can never be justified no matter what!

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