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Did Offset Cheat Cardi B? All About The Popular Hip-Hop Couple

Did Offset Cheat On Cardi B

Here, we will see, did Offset Cheat Cardi B? Congratulations to Hip-Hop’s famous couple Cardi B and Offset! The two are all set to welcome their second baby together, and the WAP hitmaker recently took to social media to make the huge announcement. The couple has been going strong for quite a while and now are going to parents once again.

The baby announcement comes to a while after the couple reportedly hit a rocky bump. The two were rumored to be heading towards a split. These rumors came into existence after rapper Offset was accused of being unfaithful to his wife, Cardi B. The two secretly tied the knot a while ago and have been posting mushy pictures or videos on social media. However, with growing cheating allegations, the pair made some drastic steps while giving way to divorce rumors. Let us find out did Offset Cheat Cardi B.

Did Offset Cheat Cardi B?

Social media were all thrown into a frenzy after Offset was seen hiding his phone as soon as Cardi B barged in unexpectedly. Offset seemed so eager to hide his phone that he ended putting the phone and placing it elsewhere. Soon fans took to social media and said that Offset has not changed and might not change anytime soon.

Did Offset Cheat On Cardi B

This is the second time the rapper has allegedly cheated on the Bodak Yellow hitmaker. Earlier, he has reportedly cheated on Cardi B, and she called it quits. However, Offset soon made a grand gesture and came up on stage while Cardi B was performing to apologize! While the two bickered on stage and Cardi B was not entirely on board with the impulse act, the two rekindled things and made it work.

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Cardi B Finally Talked About All The Cheating Allegations!

While the WAP hitmaker made it clear that she is all set to file for a divorce. However, the idea was soon dropped, and the two started to rekindle their relationship. The rapper finally addressed the cheating allegations of her husband and explained how a lot of people were so mad at her while a lot of women felt disappointed in her as well. Take a look at this heartfelt picture of the two as they posed for Cardi B’s maternity shoot. The rapper penned down a heartfelt post explaining how they communicated and listened while navigating their life into a new journey ahead.  She seems to be keeping her pregnancy away from the media spotlight. They also spread the message across via Twitter.

The Bodak Yellow star further explained that this is real-life and that you love somebody and stop being with them. Moreover, one can be depressed and social media tells her not to talk to that person because he cheated, but Cardi B believes that everyone deserves forgiveness. She believes everybody has issues, and one just needs to work on them. She further explained that no relationship is perfect as many acts on social media, and it is all about sorting things out.

Is The WAP Rapper Filing For Divorce Against Offset?

While things have come to a happy note for the couple, the two were headed for divorce earlier with paperwork stating that her marriage was irretrievably broken. There were even claims that there are no prospects for a reconciliation between the two. An insider reported that the split is due to her Offset’s continued infidelity.

Did Offset Cheat On Cardi B

It was further revealed that Offset was pretty much cheating the entire time! However, Cardi B looked the other way because of their daughter Kulture. The pair have reconciled despite the growing speculations of a divorce and will soon be welcoming their second child together. As Cardi B has explained earlier, she believes in forgiveness. The two are giving their marriage another chance with a new member coming in soon. The two posed for the camera as the rapper took social media by storm with her latest maternity shoot as she captioned the pictures announcing the arrival of baby no 2!

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