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Did Nick Have An Affair In Clickbait – Ending Explained

Clickbait Netflix Ending Explained
Did Nick have an affair in Clickbait?

Clickbait has finally come to an end, and the finale episode has certainly answered a lot of our questions. For starters – Did Nick have an affair in Clickbait? Today as we understand the conclusion of the famous television show, we also will hopefully be able to answer that one burning question for you. Here’s everything you need to know about Clickbait. Please be warned that this article contains several spoilers!

First things first, for those of you all who still have difficulty in making sense 0f the context, we have you covered. Clickbait is actually a Netflix miniseries with 8 episodes only. It premiered on August 25, 2021. It is actually an American – Australian drama series. Clickbait was created by Tony Ayres and Christian White.

The main cast of Clickbait has Zoey Kazan as Pia Brewer. We also have Betty Gabriel as Sophie Brewer, Nick’s wife. Jessie Collins plays the role of Emma Beesley, who claims to be Nick’s mistress. The ensemble cast also includes Phoenix Rae and Abraham Lim as Roshan Amiri and a journalist for GBZ, respectively. Finally, we have Adrien Grenier, who plays Nick Brewer. Motell Foster plays Curtis Hamilton. Hamilton happens to be a former colleague of Sophie’s, along with being an ex-lover. The series is entirely based in Oakland, but it was majorly filmed in Melbourne.

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Clickbait – Plot Summary

Clickbait is the perfect example of the new genre of Netflix series that are highly bingeable, extremely fast-paced, and defy all possible earthly logic. The 8 episodes in this mystery thriller are sure to leave you at the very edge of your seats. The main storyline of the series follows the life and family of a certain Nick Brewer, who goes through a series of experiences that you and I certainly cannot relate to.

The series opens with Nick Brewer holding a placard that reads – I ABUSE WOMEN. AT 5 MILLION VIEWS, I DIE. The video, in the present age of the internet, goes entirely viral and is the only thing that is being watched right now. Be it televisions, computers, tablets, or mobile phones. People are only watching Nick Brewer’s cryptic video.

The Brewers live in a small Oakland community where everyone knows everyone. As a result, people cannot stop at constantly making the Brewers the center of all their attention. Colleagues are giving Sophie strange looks. Ethan and Kai, Nick’s sons, are having a hard time in school, and reporters are camping outside their home. But the question remains – What exactly happened to Nick Brewer?

Pia realizes that this video is actually a death threat and decides to take matters into her own hands. This is when you realize that Nick Brewer isn’t exactly the man you made him out to be. And since Nick cannot come and defend himself, it is up to Pia to paint her brother’s character and exhibit it for the rest of the world.

Did Nick have an affair in Clickbait – Ending Explained

Well, coming to the hot question first – Did Nick have an affair in Clickbait – no, he did not. Initially, Nick did decide to open a profile on a dating site. He even messaged a few women. However, Nick Brewer gave that up as he lost interest in infidelity. However, his assistant, Dawn, decided to keep his profile and continued chatting with several women while pretending to be Nick. It is unclear as to why Dawn chooses to pose as Nick in several online communities. One possible answer to this question could be her loneliness that stems from her childless relationship.

At the ending of the series, we see a man called Simon and his friend Daryl as Nick’s kidnapper. When Simon found out that Nick was not the one actually texting his sister, he lets Nick escape. Instead of going to the police or return to his family, Nick goes to Dawn and Ed’s place and confronts them. Here, Ed kills him and attempts to hide his body. He also kidnaps Nick’s son when he figures out that Dawn is guilty. Later, Ed is shot by the police because he refuses to give up his gun.

Did Nick have an affair in Clickbait

Nick Brewers in the viral video

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