Did Megan Fox Cheat? The Actress Faced Cheating Allegations Twice!

Megan Fox Cheat
Megan Fox

Did Megan Fox Cheat on Brian Austin Green? Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly surely cannot get enough of each other. From hyping each other up on social media to award functions, the pair has always been there for each other. The pair met on the set of their movie Midnight in the Switchgrass. Later, Megan Fox made an appearance in Kelly’s new music video titled Bloody Valentine. Soon enough, Megan Fox became his Valentine in real life. Now, the pair are happily engaged while all set to walk down the wedding aisle. 

However, this relationship came with its fair share of controversies as well. While Megan Fox is dating Machine Gun Kelly, there were enough speculations of the actress being unfaithful to her former husband Brian Austin Green.  Believe it or not, the actress has faced cheating allegations twice! Moreover, as sources claimed, it was a very love at first sight situation for Megan Fox and MGK. They have been inseparable ever since. Were these allegations true, Megan Fox’s then-husband has addressed these cheating rumours. 

Did Megan Fox Cheat?

However, Brian Austin Green cleared their air in his podcast stating that cheating did not play a part in their split. Moreover, the actor also added that Megan did talk to him about MGK as they were good friends back then. Brian said that from what he believes MGK is a good guy as he trusts Megan’s judgment.

Megan Fox Cheat
Megan Fox And Brian Austin Green

Brian believed that Megan Fox always had really good judgment. While coming in Megan’s defence Brian explained that he doesn’t want people to see her and MGK as villains and Brian as a victim. As he asked everyone not to hear too many rumours as they were not true after all. The two have moved on and have no bad blood between them. 

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Did Megan Fox Cheat On Brian Austin With Shia LaBeouf?

This is not the first time that the actress has been facing cheating allegations, earlier actor Shia LaBeouf hinted at the fact that he was romantically involved with co-star Megan Fox. This statement caused a stir as Megan Fox was engaged with her then-husband Brian Austin Green at that time. While talking about the alleged affair, Shia admitted he never really understood the separation of work and life. Take a look at this social media post given below.

The actor further said that the time he spent with Megan was their own thing, and fans can see their undeniable chemistry onscreen. Not only that but it was also reported that the actor got into a heated argument with a Taco Bell cashier after he was allegedly rude to Megan. The actress was later fired from the Transformers franchise after Steven Spielberg asked for it after Megan Fox compared director Michael Bay to Adolf Hitler, giving way to give controversy. 

This Social Media Star Is Claiming That MGK Cheated On Her!

It is not only Megan Fox who faced cheating allegations alone! Machine Gun Kelly’s Ex-girlfriend and popular social media star Sommer Ray made a similar allegation on the rapper as well! In a podcast session, Sommer revealed that she was not allowed to visit the rapper in the sets of Blood Valentine. While he claimed it to be because of Covid-19 restrictions, Sommer believed that it was because Megan Fox was also working with him on the set.

Did Megan Fox Cheat
Sommer Ray And MGK

Not only that but the social media star further revealed that MGK would turn off his phone before bed. She was pretty convinced that it was because he was expecting a text from Megan Fox. Sommer Ray cleared the air by further stating that it was the rapper who wanted to part ways in the first place and not what MGK stated otherwise it was Sommer. While Sommer took the whole thing smartly, she explained how she needed to clear the misunderstanding behind the split. This is all in the past as the artist has recently popped the question and Megan Fox said yes!