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Did Mason Mount And Chloe Break Up? The Truth

Did Mason Mount and Chloe Break Up?
Mason Mount and Chloe Wealleans

Although the Euro Cup 2020 is over, it has given us a lot to ponder. Especially, the love stories of the star players. One such star was Mason Mount. His girlfriend became a hot topic of discussion with the commencement of the tournament. However, the rumors about their split were also hyped. What is the truth behind these rumors, will be discussed in the following part of the article. England entered the semi-finals with a winning goal by Henry Kane. However, the game’s star was Mason Mount. He became the center of attraction when he handed over his jersey to his fangirl. It was a heart-touching moment for the football fans. Subsequently, Mason became the love of his fans. Hence, it was important to talk about the love of his life.

The young player has brought laurels to his country. In his career spanning 16 years and counting, Mount has played very well. His career rankings have been on an all-time high. The famous footballer of the Chelsea club has been the constant topic of gossip among the netizens. As a result, his personal life was dug out by the paparazzi. They found that the star player was secretly dating a mystery girl. Who is this girl? For how long have are they dating? And, what was the reason behind their split? These are the questions we need to look over. Therefore, in this article, we will try to answer these questions and clear the doubts of the fans of England’s young star Mason Mount.

Did Mason Mount And Chloe Breakup?

Mason Mount and Chloe’s Breakup

Since the Euro Cup has got its winner, the attention has been diverted to the runner-ups. Among the best players in the England football team, Mason Mount’s life has got the most attention during the tournament. The central Midfielder was under the eyes of his fans who were amazed by his attacking skills on the field. Likewise, the rumors about his love life were hyped. Mason Mount is reported of dating Chloe Wealleans-Watts. She is a famous Northumbrian singer. The duo was speculated of meeting in the year 2017 in Dubai. However, nothing was confirmed until last year. In an interview, Mount revealed indirectly that he was in a relationship.

They are expected of dating since they first met in the year 2017. Moreover, the star player was able to hide his love story from the media and shutterbug for a long time. However, new rumors have emerged regarding his love life. There are rumors that Mason Mount has broken up with his long-time girlfriend Chloe Watts. Since the rumors have been out on the Internet, people have gone snoopy to find out the truth. As of now, there is no confirmation about their split.

Did Mason Mount And Chloe Breakup?

For now, there is no confirmation about their breakup

Neither the duo has revealed their breakup, nor they have given the reasons behind it. In the meanwhile, the netizens were quick to find out that the duo has unfollowed each other from their Instagram accounts. Likewise, they have deleted their pictures from social networking sites as well. These are enough facts to doubt their smooth relationship. However, this can also be termed as a way of keeping their personal life hidden from the media persons.

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More about Mason Mount

Mason Mount is a popular footballer from the United Kingdom. The young player joined England National team in the year 2014. However, at that time he was a member of the U-16 team. Over the years, Mount became a star player in U-17, U-18, U-19, and U-21 teams. As a result, his place in the senior national team was confirmed. He joined the Senior National team in 2019. Apart from being a national player, Mount is seen attacking in the field under various clubs.

Did Mason Mount And Chloe Breakup?

In his initial days, Mason Mount played under Chelsea in the Premier League. However, he was also a part of clubs like Vitesse and Derby County under loans. The 22-years-old attacking midfielder was born on 10 January 1999. He was born in Portsmouth, England. Over the years, Mount has won various accolades. He was on the winning team of the UEFA European Under-19 Championship. Between 2017 and 2019, Mount became one of the most influential players of Chelsea as he had a big contribution in winning the UEFA Champions League.

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