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Did Lauren Ruth Ward and LP Break Up? Updates on The Relationship So Far

Lauren Ruth Ward and LP Beak Up
Lauren Ruth Ward and LP Beak Up

The unique relationship and bond that Lauren and LP share have been something that many people adore. Their bond is cherished by many. According to hearsay, the couple might have called it a quit. Did you hear the news too? What do you think about it? Are the rumors correct? Let’s see if it is true. Don’t worry; this article brings you all the detail. LP has always been questioned for her pronouns. LP uses ‘she’ and ‘her,’ though she prefers ‘they.’

Lauren Ruth Ward and LP share professions. Lauren Ruth Ward is a singer-songwriter from the United States. Laura Pergolizzi, better known by her stage name LP, is also a singer and songwriter from the United States. LP has five albums and three EPs to their credit. LP penned songs for Cher, Rihanna, the Backstreet Boys, Leona Lewis, and Mylène Farmer, among others. The two have been dating for a while now and actively supported every LGBTQ-related activity, and are a true inspiration for the community and the world itself.

Have Lauren Ruth Ward and LP Separated?

No, Lauren Ruth Ward and LP have not separated. They are very much in love. In fact, there are even no rumors surrounding it. They still have photos of each other on Instagram. However, no recent pictures have been uploaded. But the two have been reported to share their home and spending quality time with each other during this lockdown period since mid-December. According to her, it has been a wonderful experience with both of them in self-isolation. We wish the couple good luck and a happy future ahead.

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Are Lauren Ruth Ward and LP Married?

No, Lauren Ruth Ward is not married to LP. LP knew she was in love after meeting Lauren Ruth Ward for the first time. In 2014, the two met at an exhibition and began dating in 2015. LP stated she has been in love with Lauren right since 2015. The couple became engaged in the middle of 2017, if you are wondering bout their marriage.

Lauren Ruth Ward and LP Break Up

Lauren and LP Performing Together In A Musical Concert

Hopefully, they’ll tie the knot soon. When they do, we will be the first ones to update you. Lauren Ruth Ward now lives in Los Angeles with her partner LP and their adorable dog, named Orstom. Their dog has an individual Instagram page with a great number of followers. Lauren had previously performed with an alternative folk band, composed songs, and sang them with his gently husky, velvety voice before meeting LP. They are now still active in the recording industry and career.

Why Is Lauren Ruth Ward Is Disappointed?

Lauren Ruth Ward is disappointed for some professional reasons. Ruth Ward was supposed to conduct music tours in different cities and countries. Due to the new corona wave and emergency lockdowns and precautions, Lauren’s previously scheduled music tours from March 13th to June 8th have all been canceled. She has struggled with major changes in her plans this year. This has been the main cause of her disappointment. Ward’s recently planned U.S. and world tours are still in the works for later this year, but she remains concerned about the effect the second wave of corona may have on the winter months.

The aim of the music tour was to expose the crowd to all of her new albums, each with a personal connection. Vallaha, Well, Hell, and Vol. II was among the songs set to be released during the canceled summer tour. Despite her disappointment, the singer treated herself admirably and returned to work. She is currently disconnected from the rest of the world. “I’m not going to stop creating,” she said during her interview, despite the cancellation of her much-anticipated and scheduled tours. This exemplifies how the singer has kept her spirits up—Ward, who is riding high after the success of his new album, Vol. II was recently saddened that she would have to wait a long time for her musical dream tour to come true.

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