Did JJ And Lauren ‘Lola’ Garcia Break Up?

JJ and Lola
JJ and Lola

Here, we will learn did JJ and Lola break up? What do we know about their relationship details? Both JJ and Lola have made headlines over several years with their romanticism. Known as Lauren ‘Lola’ Davies, she is an American blogger. Her blog titled What Lola Likes, is based on her fashion, cooking healthy food, dogs, and all her liking. Little did you know, she appeared on the series, Total Bellas. On the other hand, JJ Garcia has gained massive prominence for starring in Total Divas and THIS STRIP LIVE. People also know him as the brother of Nikki Bella.

It was on 23 April 2011 that JJ and Lola tied the knot. Moreover, last year, they celebrated their tenth wedding anniversary. They also share a couple of children. Both of them have always been open about their relationship with the public. There have been rumors surfacing on the web that are making the fans question JJ and Lola’s togetherness. Aren’t they together anymore? Let’s dive into this article to learn did JJ and Lola Break Up?

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Did JJ and Lola Break Up?

Yes, JJ and Lola have broken up, and they aren’t together. Their marriage lasted for a decade. With regards to their split, Lola shared a lengthy message on her Instagram account on 20 July 2021. A part of the text states, “It’s no secret that there’s been a shift in our lives the past couple of months, and although it’s been something I’ve been personally trying to navigate, I want to be as transparent as possible since I share so much of my life with you.” She added, stating, “There’s no easy way to say it…but JJ and I have decided to separate.”

JJ and Lola break up
JJ and Lola couldn’t keep this togetherness forever

On the same day, JJ reposted this on his social media with an additional note thanking his fans for their immense support. After announcing the news of their break-up, both JJ and Lola have asked for privacy and respect since their children are also involved. Aren’t you disheartened by this news?

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More About Their Relationship

Even though JJ and Lola have broken up, people are interested to learn about their relationship. Well, this former couple met each other while Lola was traveling with her best friend in California. The duo hit each other at a bar. It was at first sight that Lola found him cute and wanted to be together. Eventually, they kept meeting each other quite often, and love bloomed. They share two daughters, whom they named Vivienne James and Alice Jude, respectively.

JJ and lola break up
JJ and Lola with their couple of beautiful and cute daughters

However, their marriage did have several issues, which made both JJ and Lola opt for serious marriage counseling. She confessed that she found JJ to be very distant from her and wasn’t much open. Moreover, on the occasion of their last anniversary, JJ shared a message on his social media, stating, “I love you over the sun, under the moon, in and out of all the stars!” Not only that, but he also addressed her to be his “best friend.” Still, it didn’t work well, and Lola’s anxiety level kept rising. Despite giving chances and trials to their relationship so many times, it came to an end. After all, things don’t stay if done forcefully. With the news of their separation, their fans were stunned and disheartened.

No matter what, some people aren’t destined to be together. JJ and Lola are living examples of this. However, since both of them are consenting adults, it is pretty much okay. It’s good that they have decided to part ways for their respective betterment. Best Wishes to both JJ and Lola for the rest of their lives. It’s been several months that they aren’t together. Hoping they have moved on in their lives. Well, life doesn’t stop for anyone!

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