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Did Gavin And Coco Break Up? All About The Popular YouTube Couple!

Did Gavin And Coco Break Up

Here, we will see Did Gavin And Coco Break Up. Popular Youtube Sensation Gavin Magnus has been an internet star with millions of views on his music covers. Fans have often seen Gavin Magnus teaming up with his close friends and fellow Internet sensation Coco Quinn. The two have garnered millions of views with their duet songs. With their growing popularity online, the two might have been more than friends, as fans assumed. However, after Gavin Magnus posted a cryptic video about their supposed relationship, things might have been rocky between the two.

The pair are so popular that fans have been shipping them while calling them Cavin! The two soon sparked dating rumors, and fans could not help but notice their undeniable chemistry together. The two often seem all cozy and mushy. However, back in 2020, Gavin Magnus soon cleared the air by posting a lengthy video addressing everything about their relationship. Let us find out Did Gavin And Coco Break Up.

Did Gavin And Coco Break Up?

The musical sensation stated that he and Coco Quinn were taking a break. Although it is not what fans assume it to be. It was soon stated that they were just looking at their relationship differently, and it is less about them going to completely different ways. Gavin Magnus uploaded a video titled The Truth About Our Break Up to make things all the more clear.

Did Gavin And Coco Break Up

Magnus further explains how Quinn was maintaining her distance from his squad, The Goat Fam. It was all the more clear that she had nothing to do with it. Fans felt like Gavin was not getting enough support from her the way he was giving Quinn, which also included not letting him on her channel much. It was also insinuated that it was being controlled more. Magnus also revealed that Coco started to plan his schedules as well.

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Are Gavin And Coco Going To Be Back Together?

While Gavin has been seen getting all emotional while talking about his ex-girlfriend Coco Quinn. However, it is still uncertain whether the two are getting back together anytime soon. The two are still good friends and have no bad blood between them. The two recently worked together on Quinn’s newest video, Secrets. Take a look at this video as Gavin breaks down midway while opening up about his split with Coco. The video talks about what exactly went wrong in the relationship. Gavin further said that all these memories are special, and he will not throw them away just like that as he cherishes them.

Fans were stunned when a few media tabloids and sites repeated that Gavin Magnus’ infidelity was the real reason for the split. According to rumors, Magnus has been unfaithful with multiple women while also trying to get back with Piper. While there has been strong evidence about it, the rumors have been doing the rounds for quite a while now. Neither of the two has addressed these ongoing issues as of now.

Coco Quinn Joins Forces With Gavin Magnus For Secrets!

While Coco and Gavin’s current relationship status remain under wraps, it seems like singing star Coco Quinn might be taking her real-life experiences for a reel one!  Quinn has surprised fans this 2021 with her newest release, Secrets. It is an emotional ballad, as she stars in the video. The track documents a young couple going through the ups and downs of a relationship.

Did Gavin And Coco Break Up

Coco Quinn has teamed up with her supposed ex and good friend Gavin Magnus on the video. While the track is already a hit, many are guessing whether it is about real-life friends who might have been subjected to the hardships as depicted in the video itself. She also took this opportunity to thank Magnus while giving him a huge shout-out. She thanked him for being a part of the video. It seems like they have not let their differences ruin their friendship and will continue to work together in the future. 

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