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Did Gal Gadot Serve in the Military Or Get Training At Some Point?

Gal Gadot
Gal Gadot

Wonder Woman 1984 was released on HBO Max and in cinemas back on the 25th of December 2020, and people absolutely loved the whole film. All this while when people were appreciating the main protagonist of the film whose role was reprised by actress Gal Gadot, Twitter users have been digging out some of her past. The film, without a doubt, has performed excellently in the American media and even on a global platform. Recently, people have started to label Gal as a war criminal. The internet is trying to decide her label and is debating back and forth. Thus, here we have decided to wrap up this whole internet chaos and tell you what is actually happening. Gal Gadot is a proud citizen of Israel and has served her time in the defense force of the country. This organization is called Israeli Defense Force and requires every teenager who turns 18 to admit themselves to it.

Gal Gadot has served her time for two years in IDF while working for her country. Male members are required to serve for 3 years, while the time duration for females is 2 years. This is something that every Israeli has to do when they become legal. If failed to do so, jail sentences get issues against fellow citizens. Thus, we understand how Gal had to be a soldier for her country. Now, back in 2017, the Israel-Lebanon issue was seen getting out of hand. The campaign raising awareness against this issue was calling out Gal Gadot in order to cancel her because of her involvement in the military. The campaign became successful as a result of a mass protest and thus, Wonder Woman was banned from the country.

Is Gal Gadot an Israeli War Criminal?

Gal Gadot

Did Gal Gadot Get Military Training?

This is not the only reason why Gal Gadot and her film are being called out right now. We know how the Israel and Palestine issue has been going on for years. Back in the days, there was a Holocaust. All the Jews who survived this incident wanted nothing but to create a safe haven for their people and took refuge in Palestine. As of right now, both the parties are claiming that the land has been provided to the thousands of years ago given the importance of Jerusalem. Currently, the dominant race in this land is Israel, and they are kicking the Muslims out of their own homes. To d so, the Israeli army is being employed to kill off the Palestinians.

This created a mass appeal of canceling Gal Gadot, who has served in the army of Israel and might have had killed off fellow people of Palestine. They are dubbing her as a war criminal who had blood on her hands of innocent members of Palestine. Her title of being Wonder Woman is being mocked, while Twitter claims her to be a Zionist. Once in 2014 when Israel invaded Gaza because Hamas kidnapped and killed three teenagers from Israel. At that time, Gal Gadot took to her handle and portrayed her heartfelt sympathy regarding the three kids as well as all the people who were killed. Although, not everyone is against Gal Gadot because her military role was just as a fitness trainer and not a fighter. She was a part of mandatory service and obviously believed that being a soldier is better than facing criminal offense charges and jail time.

Some Support While Some Try To Cancel Gal Gadot

A Twitter user also supported her, saying how every time any of her films are about to release, the post from 2014 is brought up again and again and is used against her. Another Twitter user wrote how it is a perfect example of Americans being a hypocrite for calling Gal Gadot a war criminal. Her fans even supported her when the antisemites wanted to label Gal as a genocidal killer. They said how the group wants everybody to hate the actress by failing to do so when they find out that she is quite likable. This angers them and thus, they call Gal Gadot harmful and try to cancel her career. But despite all of it, we know the Wonder Woman franchise is going stronger than ever.

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