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Did Gabbie Hanna and Payton Saxon Break Up? The Rumors Explained

Gabbie Hanna and Payton Saxon Break up
Gabbie Hanna and Payton Saxton

Gabbie Hanna, who defined her career as social media star with telling stories, vlogs, and having crazy adventurous videos, has always been a trend. Apart from her regular videos and series, social media drama is something she has always been part of. Last year the drama took to another level when she was constantly criticized and received backlash. But amidst, she might have stayed strong, but what about her boyfriend, Payton Saxon. He is more of a private person, and this has questioned the internet on, did Gabbie Hanna and Payton Saxon break up?

Last year we saw Gabbie Hanna’s music video Special failing to gain much attraction. Right now, it sits at 2.2 million views but not the one YouTube algorithm desires from a star with 5.5 million subscribers. This led to YouTube shadowbanning her. Let’s not get into the Tasha Payatas feud, which is a story to be retold for another day. But Payton Saxon, who amidst this went away from social media in April, questioned the fans about the relationship status of him and Gabbie Hanna. So let’s find out what happened.

Did Gabbie Hanna and Payton Saxon Break up?

On June 23, 2021, Gabbie Hanna began a new series on her YouTube called the “Confessions of a Washed-up YouTube Hasbeen.” The first episode saw her openly revealing that, yes, she is single now. Meaning, yes, Gabbie Hanna and Payton Saxon officially had a breakup and have parted ways together. The relationship which began in 2019 has come to more of a happy end rather than having bitter goodbye. She spoke in the video that the breakup was a good thing she and Payton opted for. The breakup was quite loving and clean.

Gabbie Hanna and Payton Saxon Break up

Gabbie Hanna With Payton Saxon

Gabbie Hanna also talked more about working with Payton Saxon in the video. She stated that she still counts him in the series of her videos. With his permission, and will always cherish the memories they spent together. Apart from Gabbie Hanna, we didn’t hear much from Payton Saxon on this issue. Unlike Gabbie, Payton is not an influencer and is more of a private person. He has always stayed away from social media and has only often made appearances in Hanna’s videos. Furthermore, the month of April even saw him deactivating his Twitter and Instagram accounts. So nothing from him, but it feels like Gabbie Hanna has justified the reason behind the breakup in the same video. Let’s talk about it too.

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The Reason Behind The Breakup

Gabbie Hanna was quite open about her breakup with Payton Saxon. As mentioned above, it was quite a lovey-dovey, happy, and mutual one. So it didn’t hurt the social media star to talk about it and let the fans know the reason behind the breakup. So explaining that Gabbie said that they both were completely different people when they first back in 2019. They had completely different visions. So, according to her, there comes a time in every relationship where the couple has to decide whether they will be a perfect match for each other moving forward. So they might have had a discussion regarding having different visions.

Gabbie Hanna and Payton Saxon Break up

Gabbie Hanna With Payton Saxon

Concluding, Gabbie revealed that the couple’s paths don’t align anymore. Payton Saxon is a private person, and Gabbie is a full-fledged social media star who keeps topping the internet doesn’t fit their relationship. So this leads to Gabbie Hanna and Payton Saxon’s breakup, and they parted ways. But that doesn’t necessarily mean they ended it on a sour note. They both have so much gratitude for each other and will cherish everything they had. They have been through so much and are still stuck together in the time of crisis that defined their relationship. Now it seems like moving forward, and the couple will be great friends with fond memories of dating each other sometime in the past.

We believe the fans agree with Gabbie Hanna and Payton Saxon and their breakup. Gabbie did have quite a year later. From her music video failing to garner attention and then getting shadowbanned. While also having a big all-out feud with Trisha Paytas. The kind of things only Gabbie Hanna can handle on her own.

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