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Did Derek Cheat On Meredith? Everything To Know

Did Derek cheat on Meredith
Derek and Meredith

The Grey’s Anatomy has been one of the most-watched drama ever. Likewise, the love story between the main leads was one of a kind. Derek Shepherd and Meredith Grey were the main couples on the famous television show. However, one question lies in front of us. Did Derek cheat on Meredith? Since the couple has been introduced on the show, their relationship has always been under the radar. Even after years, the fans are still curious to know whether Derek cheats on Meredith or not.

Derek and Meredith’s love story went through a roller-coaster ride throughout the series. Now and then, people were curious to know what will happen to them. There were instances when they were about to marry. Likewise, at times their relationship seemed like a joke. Derek and Meredith showed us that true love is possible in this world. No doubt, it was a big reason for people to fall in love with the characters. Hence, Derek and Meredith became the center of attraction since the show was launched. For over 11 seasons, people followed them wholeheartedly.

However, there were instances when it felt like an end to the beautiful couple. Likewise, there were hints of Derek getting involved with some other woman. This led to the speculation that Derek was cheating on Meredith. In the meanwhile, the netizens were curious whether this was true or not. Therefore, in this article, we will find out did Derek cheat on Meredith. Likewise, we will be discussing their relationship timeline and what happened to them throughout the series. Here’s what we know.

Did Derek Cheat On Meredith?

Did Derek Cheat On Meredith?

Meredith and Derek were the main couples on the famous show Grey’s Anatomy. The captivating couple made us fall in love again and again. They acted as an inspiration for the younger generation. However, Derek, a.k.a. McDreamy, was accused of cheating on his love, Meredith. Was it true? Well, we do have an answer to this question. Throughout the relationship of ups and downs, Meredith and Derek loved each other passionately. Their one-night stand turned into a beautiful love story. However, during their first meet, Derek was married to Addison. Over time, Meredith asked him to choose between them.

For a while, Derek moved away from Meredith. Later, he realized his love for the latter. As a result, they moved ahead with their relationship. Throughout the 11 seasons, there were many moments when the duo drifted apart. Even after their marriage, the married life seemed chaotic. McDreamy was given a job opportunity away from Meredith. There he was pursued by another woman who Even tried to kiss him. This led the fans to think that he might cheat on Meredith. But no. Their love was no that weak. As a result, Derek decided to get back to the love of his life, Meredith. Hence, there is no way one can say that Derek cheated on Meredith.

Did Derek Cheat On Meredith?

No, Derek did not cheat on Meredith.

Their Relationship Timeline

Their love life has been a tumultuous one. For eleven seasons, the duo went through a tough relationship. They were deeply in love with each other. But they took a lot of time to realize this.  Throughout their relationship, it was the audience who felt butterflies. All of that started when Meredith woke up in the morning next to a complete stranger. Little did she knew that this stranger would mean the world to her. After the one-night stand with Derek, she realized that he was none other than her boss. To be specific, he was her boss’s boss. However, Derek was in a dilemma. His married life was hanging in the air.

And there came a time when Meredith asked him to choose between her and his wife. Initially, things went bad, and they drifted apart. But destiny wanted them to be together. . Despite breaking up, they worked together amicably. It made them realize their feelings. Derek finally proposed to her to marry him. Their married life was filled with ups and downs. Even though he knew that Meredith would never get pregnant, he was very supportive. Lately, Derek was asked to move away from his family for a new job opportunity.

Derek and Meredith Grey

It was a hard decision and affected their lives a lot. However, one step from his colleague was enough to make him realize Meredith’s worth in his life. As a result, Derek decided to head back. The loving couple met each other, but it was heartbreaking. Their relationship came to an end when Derek took his last breath after declared brain dead due to an accident while he was headed home. While he was headed to meet his love, his Meredith.

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