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Did Chris Pratt Cheat On Anna Faris, Was There An Affair?

did chris pratt cheat on anna faris
Chris Pratt and Anna Faris

You might be thinking, what went wrong between the star couple Chris and Anna? On one hand, there were speculations of not being able to handle the fandom. On the other hand, some people said that there was a trust issue. While a majority of people accused Chris Pratt of cheating on Anna Faris. Did Chris Pratt cheat on Anna Faris? This question needs proper clarification before we can make any assumptions. Let’s move on with the article.

Chris Pratt is a famous American actor. He has got his share of fame at an early age, Chris is widely known as an action hero. Especially his roles in the Marvel Studios’ Guardians of the Galaxy was an instant hit. As a result, Pratt got immense popularity across the world. On the other hand, Anna Faris is an American actress, podcaster, and comedian. She has made her special place in the American film industry through hard work and dedication. Over the years, Anna Faris has given comic performances which were worth appreciation. Hence, Chris and Anna’s married life fell under the radar of the paparazzi.

Did Chris Pratt Cheat On Anna Faris?

Two famous actors of Hollywood married each other and lived a happy life. However, they got separated abruptly. This was enough to bring the storm on the internet. Since they got separated in the year 2018, the netizens have been on a hunt. They are out in search of information. Their fans, on the other hand, are curious to know what caused their separation. Was Chris cheating on Anna? Therefore, in this article, we will be talking about the reasons behind Chris and Anna’s divorce. Likewise, we will uncover the mystery- Did Chris Pratt cheat on Anna Faris?

Did Chris Pratt cheat on Anna Faris?

It was a big problem to deal with. Especially for the fans. Seeing the loving couple of Chris and Anna getting separated after years of marriage was devastating. Likewise, the internet was on fire. People were annoyed to hear this news. Moreover, the speculations of Chris cheating on Anna began spreading like a forest fire. But was it the reason behind their split? Did Chris cheat on his wife Anna? Seems like the former couple has cleared away all the rumors and allegations. They have made it clear that the reason behind their split was something deep.

Did Chris Pratt Cheat On Anna Faris?

Chris did not cheat on Anna Faris

Well, the Guardians of the Galaxy actor did not cheat on his wife. All those speculations were false. They were living happily with each other until things turned ugly. They tried hard enough to sort the things between them but failed. The major credit of their split goes to Pratt’s fandom. Soon after their marriage, Chris’s career grew. He became one of the best actors in Hollywood. As a result, their relationship became more about publicity. Chris and Anna used to talk about things they needed to do as a public couple. And their personal life was dumped.

Did Chris Pratt Cheat On Anna Faris?

Pratt’s fandom became a major setback for his married life

Anna recalled the reason for her split with ex-husband Chris in a podcast in 2021. The duo missed some important things they were supposed to do as a couple. They did not share their problems. There was a sense of competition and superiority among them. This made them end up their marriage after 9 years.

Chris and Anna’s Relationship Timeline

Chris and Anna’s love story was filled with twists. The couple met on the sets of Take Me Home Tonight. It was in 2007, and Anna was married to her then-husband, Ben Indra. It was love at first sight for Chris Pratt. He has revealed in various interviews that he wanted to marry her when he first saw her. However, she was married. But destiny was in his favor. As soon as the shoot was over, Anna got separated from Ben Indra. This made a clear way out for Pratt. They started dating in the year 2008. After a few months, they got engaged.

Did Chris Pratt Cheat On Anna Faris?

Pratt with ex-wife Anna Faris and son Jack

Anna got her wedding proposal on her birthday. Later, they got married in Bali in 2009. It was a good time for both of them. Soon enough, Chris got the role of Andy Dwyer in Parks and Recreation. This was the best break for him. In 2012, the couple welcomed their baby boy, Jack. However, Pratt became busy with his big projects. This created a lot of problems in their lives. One can say that Pratt’s fandom played a major role in their divorce. In 2018, Chris and Anna got divorced.

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