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Did Brandi And Jarrod End Their Relationship, Brandi is Still Single?

Why Did Jarrod And Brandi Left Storage Wars
Why Did Jarrod And Brandi Left Storage Wars

The Storage War couple Brandi and Jarrod made an adorable couple on screen as well as off-screen. They both complimented each other, and fans say they were the reason Strogae War was such a hit show. The couple seemed to be very fun-loving as they were always found laughing around and living in the moment. However, both of them likes to keep their life private.

Unfortunately, the couple was not as happy as they seemed to be on-screen. Brandi and Jarrod decided to part ways in 2018. At the same time, this news was revealed in the year 2020.

Are Brandi And Jarrod Divorced?

Brandi And Jarrod Together In Storage Wars. (Credits: Screen Rant)

When we say they like to keep their life low-key, we never thought they would keep such big details of their life hidden for so long. Apparently, they didn’t want to break their fans’ hearts or reveal traumatic events of their lives to the media. Brandi and Jarrod filed their divorce in 2018. They were not only life partners but also business partners and proud parents of two lovely children.

Brandi And Jarrod’s Kept Their Divorce As A Secret For Two Years

In the year 2020, Jarrod posted a picture with his girlfriend named Rochel Beckman, on Facebook. The post revealed Brandi And Jarrod’s secret. A lot of fans were disheartened and heartbroken as the couple was the most adorable ever appeared on a TV show. Rochel Beckman was Jarrod’s ex-girlfriend. They used to date before Brandi and Jarrod stepped into a relation.

In an interview, Brandi was asked if she is okay with Jarrod going back to his ex-girlfriend. To which she replied, Jarrod is not in a union with her anymore. She wished them all the happiness they deserve, and She added that Jarrod is an amazing person and an excellent father. Brandi said she is grateful that Jarrod has such fun and great influence over her children.

Is Brandi Seeing Someone: Yes! She Sees Herself Grow

Brandi also attended Facebook’s Spirit Talk, where she mentioned that she is on a journey to find herself and find her life’s purpose. She was asked if she is seeing someone, to which she replied. Yes, she sees herself grow into a better person; She said she was very upset and felt lost after her divorce. Even though the separation was a mutual step that Brandi and Jarrod took collectively, it still didn’t feel good that the person she felt she would spend her life with was gone.

Brandi was a single mother after her divorce with two kids who have a medical history. She made a statement in Facebook’s Spirit Talk that she even tried Therapy, but initially, it only felt like a waste of money. However, gradually things fall in place. Later in my therapy session, She called herself emotionally dead, but her Therapist helped her out of this situation by making her believe that She is just closed off, not dead. She gave the same advice to the younger generation. Brandi also asked them to hold on to hope, and things will come to them.

Why Did Brandi and Jarrod’s Union Came To An End?

In 2014 the couple quit Storage Wars to start a new filming project, Brandi & Jarrod: Married to the Job. The project was a spin-off of Storage Wars; During ongoing production, Brandi and Jarrod completed 15 years together, and they decided to step into a union. They had a beautiful married life with two children: a boy and a girl. At the same time, Brandi keeps them away from the spotlight for her own reasons.

Is Brandi Single?

Brandi And Jarrod Married To The Job Official Poster. (Credit:

Jarrod opened up about her divorce in one of his interviews and said that we have seen a beautiful time together but as we worked on our successful projects. We worked day and night, and by day and night, he actually means 24 hours a day in a week. It was very hard for us to manage their professional life and personal life. They tried to take out time for each other, but it didn’t work out. Jarrod added they both stepped out of the union together, but it was not easy for either of them. He also said Brandi gave him the best gift of his life: their kids Cameron and Peyton.

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