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Did Angela and Michael from 90 day Fiancé Break Up?

did angela and michael break up -otakukart

Another day, another reality TV drama. So, did Angela and Michael break up? This is from the TLC reality television drama, 90 day fiancé. A format that follows couples that apply for a United States K-1 visa. The long-running reality TV drama has eight seasons to its history, with seventy-nine episodes full of stories of love, deceit, despair, and confusion. For this post, we shall cover the love story of Angela Deem from Georgia and Michael Ilesanmi from Nigeria. On this point, both are known to the show. Since Angela and Michael were regulars from the second and third seasons.

The love rollercoaster of this American woman and this Nigerian man is chock-full of drama. And it’s no surprise. After all, this is reality TV. The utterly dysfunctional couple plays each other over many things, from menial fights of day-to-day living to more complex things like infertility, financial problems, and family rejection. So jump in with us as we give you the scoop on this troubled on-screen relationship.

Who are Angela and Michael?

Angela Deem is a 53-year-old woman hailing from Hazlehurst, Georgia. And Michael Ilesamni is a 31-year-old Nigerian man. They feature in this TLC reality tv show. Over the course of the show, the couple fooled each other financially, emotionally and manipulated each other in order to get their ways. Additionally, their whole on-screen relationship, worthy of a novel like the kind you buy at an airport for a vacation and then you dump elsewhere after you’re bored.

Angela is partially infertile due to her advanced age, and Michael always has problems with his visa application. And the love story rages on as Angela flew to Nigeria only to see rejection from Michael’s family due to cultural clashes. And this is something that not many people realize, as many mixed couplings face the cultural clash and the inevitable consequences of not sticking to your own kind, something we painfully see in the constant clashes that these TLC programs show us.

Did Angela and Michael Break up?

Did Angela and Michael break up? – Otakukart

Did Angela and Michael break up?

Despite being one of the longest-running couples in this TLC reality show. We need to address a fundamental issue within this relationship. Angela is constantly abusive of Michael during this show. So in short, yes. Angela Deem broke up with Michael Ilesanmi on 90 Day Fiancé Episode 9.  While some people consider that Michael has no sentimental deep feelings for Angela, this woman is nothing short of a toxic personality in dire need of therapy.

Why do we say she’s toxic? Because no healthy relationship puts a tracker on their significant other’s telephone. For Nigerian men, women are valued in their youth, and with Angela at 53 years old, with children and grandchildren, her eggs aren’t as good as they were once used to be. In the recorded program, we’re left with a scene where Angela teams up for a lawyer to discuss divorce.

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Michael waits for his papers.

Michael Ilesamni patiently waits for his papers in Nigeria as this drama unfolds. And he’s resentful of many of the choices that Angela made, which include cosmetic surgeries. Also, his lack of interest in Angela’s surgical procedures became evident when he didn’t call her after the medical intervention. All this fuss made Angela begin talks with a divorce attorney behind Michael’s back, as he becomes more and more self-centered about his immigration process.

Angela decided to split up from her Nigerian lover. But that won’t be an easy task. As the woman shuns the man and consults her lawyer. She finds out that as with all things divorce, there are many consequences. As for Michael, after learning that Angela no longer wishes to maintain a relationship with him, he angrily said that he wouldn’t beg her not to break up.

These sorts of reality shows sometimes depict the worst aspects of people who can’t seem to agree with each other. And cultural clashes are something that shows like 90-day fiancé and their variants love depicting for those who still prefer reality TV to other alternatives. According to Angela, Michael’s upbringing in a male-centered society like Nigeria are a sharp contrast to the American ways. Also, it’s worth noting that Angela put a lot of money, time, and feelings into what seems to be a botched relationship.

What will happen to Michael if Angela gives him the boot?

The sad piece of news for Michael implies that the divorce will mean the end of his K-1 visa application. Since the couple has no children nor common goods like a house, car, or money, divorce will be rather simple for Angela, as all the court and lawyers have to do is serve the Nigerian man with the paperwork. Additionally, their rollercoaster affair: Splitting up and getting back together won’t be possible anymore as the United States authorities won’t waste time with capricious paperwork.

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