Diamond In The Rough Chapter 24 Release Date: Fierce Battle Against Yukari

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Diamond in the rough
Diamond in the rough

With a new chapter recently released, Diamond in the Rough Chapter 24 will follow next week with more updates as Kou and her Master has waged a fierce battle against the Yukari. This is still at its early stages, so we expect to see a lot of action with the upcoming chapters as well. Everything seems to be in position as Yukari starts to analyze what she needs to focus on at the moment. She seems to be confident in her skills as she does not even recognize Kou as a threat at all. So she intends to deal with Huangfu’s tiger first as it will get in her way.

Ironically, she was immediately exposed by Huangfu’s wires while Kou attacked her. She seems to have misjudged her as a non-summoner. But as soon as she saw her skills, she realized that she was a summoner and would turn out to be a troublesome opponent down the line. On top of that, Kou seems to be well versed in close quarters combat, so it did not take too long for their battle to shift to a short-ranged one turning out to Kou’s advantage. Knowing Huangfu, he easily figured out Yukari’s abilities, and as it turns out, her real ability is the manipulation of petrified beasts.

This means that Kou can face her easier, and this time she will be able to get the rematch she has wanted for some time. But Yukari wanted to turn this into a game of tag because she never wanted to spend more time-fighting Kou as this would lead to her losing crucial time.

Diamond in the Rough Chapter 23 Highlights

With Yukari decided to play the tag strategy and only focusing on what she needed to do. Kou had to chase her down as she still needed to settle a score with her. So Huangfu decided to give her a little support and summoned a tiger that would help her catch up to Yukari faster.

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Diamond in the rough
Diamond in the rough

Yukari intends to get to Kurotobi first for a rendezvous, so this should give her an advantage over Kou. But she managed to catch up to Yukari thanks to Huangfu supporting her by creating a barrier that would stop Yukari. As things stand, the fight turned out to be evenly matched with Yukari. Finally resorting to summoning beasts of her own to even things.

The battle turned out to be between the summoned beasts while Kou talks to Yukari to try and win her over. This only enrages Yukari leading her to summon more powerful beasts as she hardly believes what Kou is saying.

Easily overpowering her with her new summoned beast, Yukari managed to catch Kou off guard and was about to crush her to death. But before that, she decided to play some mind games by asking Huangfu to let her go in return for Kou’s life. Surprisingly, Huangfu did not flinch even if her pupil’s life was at stake. He calmly refused to follow Yukari’s orders even if it meant that his pupil might end up dead.

It looks like he trusted Kou that she would find a way out of her situation instead of completely giving up on her. Things worked out well for him since his pupil managed to escape the situation with minor difficulties.

Diamond in The Rough Chapter 24 Release Date

Diamond in the Rough Chapter 24 will be released on 15 February 2022, and we will be able to see the ongoing action continue. The manga will follow its usual release of new chapters on Tuesdays as we look forward to the third chapter of the month.

Yukari has proved to be a formidable opponent in the recent chapters. But Huangfu decided to take the opportunity to allow his pupil to show how much she has grown as a member of the mining federation audit bureau. This explains why he has been playing a supportive role all along. And it looks like his teaching finally paid off as Kou finally managed to transform into her Tiger Princess form. The battle seems to be progressing much faster than what one would think. Most importantly, it will be one interesting thing to see how Yukari will respond to all this.

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