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Will There Be Dexter Season 9?

Dexter Morgan concluded its 8th and final season in the year 2013. But guess what? There are rumors that Dexter Morgan is coming back with another season. After seven years, some whispers say there might be another season. Whereas the season was well concluded, it had no loose ends, and if there is a ninth season, what will it talk about?

Fans were confused and excited at the same time.

The last time we saw Dexter, he left Miami, and we all thought that was the last time we are going to see him, but voila, Dexter is not ready to leave his fans so easily.

Dexter: Will There Be Another Season


What Happened To Dexter In Season 8

Hannah and Dexter are required to divert to another airport. Dexter receives a call that Oliver Saxon shot Debra, and he hurries to the hospital. It seems that Debra will recover. When Saxon produces a distraction in the hospital, he is imprisoned by Angel Batista. Meanwhile, Debra allows a stroke due to a blood clot created by her more pioneering surgery.

The nurse notifies Dexter that Debra is comatose and that it would be a miracle for her to endure. Dexter exits the room, understanding that there are no revelations.

Meanwhile, Harrison and Hannah make it onto a bus progressing to a different airport. Elway reaches up with them and tells Hannah that he is going to utilize her. When Hannah offers him some tea, he sets it down, contemplating that it’s poisoned. When he turns away, Hannah immediately injects Elway with a dose of M99 and runs to escape.

Saxon is enclosed, and Dexter enters his cell to achieve a GSR test on him. Taking out a pen, Dexter reveals to Saxon that he is going to kill him with it. Saxon takes the pen and lunges towards Dexter, who uses his reflexes to dodge out of the way so that the pen only penetrates his left shoulder.

The Last Scene

Dexter draws out the pen and stabs Saxon’s left carotid artery, making him fall to the floor and suffer to death. As Dexter pushes the alarm button, he invents distress. Using camera footage, Dexter can satisfy both Quinn and Angel that it was in self-defense.

Dexter then states home to change into his fishing outfit and retrieve some required items.

With Hurricane Laura surrounding Miami, Dexter cuts his boat outside of the hospital. Not needing to leave her in a vegetative phase, Dexter turns off her life maintenance after telling her that he adores her. Dexter uses the chaos of the abandonment to take Debra’s body to his boat.

As he bequeaths Miami behind, he calls Hannah and Harrison and then throws the phone into the water. Dexter turns to Debra, considerately picks her up, and exercises to the edge of his boat. Here, he lets her go into the sea. Knowing that he must defend the ones he cares about, Dexter makes his boat straight towards Hurricane Laura.

Several large lumbering trucks, filled with felled trees, arrive at a lumber mill throughout the final scenes. One of the lumberjacks is the focus as he completes up his work and answers to his cabin. The man shuts the door behind him, gets off a cold-weather vest, and remains down at a wooden table. He stares out the window at his left before he stands forward. Behind his grown-out brush and flannel jacket is the face of The Bay Harbor Butcher, who meets his eyes for a consequence and then opens them, staring accurately into the camera. It’s Dexter Morgan, who is alive and alone, in an undisclosed position.

Is There A Dexter Season 9?

Yes! The rumors are true, and the productions have also confirmed that Dexter season 8 was not the final season of the series, and they will be coming up with the ninth season. While details about the ceremony are limited, Showtime beforehand shared it “sees the personality now living under an expected name in a world away from Miami.” That neighborhood was later revealed to be the fictional New York town of Iron Lake, where Dexter will face opposition Kurt Caldwell.

Per TV Line, Caldwell is the “unauthorized mayor” of Iron Lake. He “received the American dream by going from encouraging big rigs, just like his father did, to now occupying several trucks and the local truck stop. Powerful, acceptable, enjoyed by everyone. He’s a true man of the people. If he’s got your back, acknowledge yourself blessed. Dexter Season 9 is expected to release between September and December 2021.

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