Dexter Season 9: Latest Updates on Plot & Cast

Dexter season 9
Dexter season 9

Dexter Season 9 is one of the highly anticipated season comebacks fans have been waiting for. I mean, who doesn’t like the secret agent and serial killer, Dexter? The show ended with eight seasons. However, in 2020, it was announced that Dexter is going to return with a 10-episode limited series. Moreover, the fans thought because the season 8 ending was chaotic, the showrunner is trying to change the end of Dextre. But, they were proven wrong. In 2020, Clyde Philips, the showrunner, announced that the upcoming limited series will be a fresh start to Dexter’s life and will not change the season 8 storyline. Many updates ever since have surfaces on the net. And luckily, we have some more.

Dexter Season 9 is approaching. And the fans of the crime thriller are waiting to know more about Dexter Morgan. Reportedly, new pictures from the upcoming limited series give us a glimpse into Morgan’s new life. In the finale of season 8, we saw Morgan faking his death and living a new life with a new identity in Oregon. Will the plot of season 9 will be set on Dexter’s life in Oregon? Let’s check out.

dexter season 9

Dexter made its debut in 2006. Soon, it became a cult among the adult population and was a hit Showtime series. Some of Dexter’s episodes market the highest-rated telecasts in the history of Showtime. Moreover, it was the ninth-highest-rated show for the first 10 years of Pro (2002–2012).

Dexter Season 9 Release Date and Latest Updates

There is no release date set for Dexter season 9. However, it is claimed that the vigilante killer Dexter will return in Autumn 2021. As we know, Autumn is approaching in a couple of months. Hence, this means that the network might announce the release date soon.

Showtime has recently released a brand new teaser for the 10-parter mini-series. And there is a positive change that a release date might follow soon. Although it is not here, we will keep you updated with the news.  The teaser did not give us much info, but we do see the infamous smirk from Dexter. It looks like he is ready to catch his next prey.

Apart from that, a new picture from the set is posted on Dexter’s Twitter account. And it gave us the biggest update on Dexter season 9. The picture features an employee badge that belongs to Jim Lindsey aka, Dexter Morgan.

It is officially confirmed by the show’s director, Marcos Siega, that Dexter’s new identity is a reference to the show’s creator, Jeff Lindsay. The lowkey job at a fishing supply store is perfect for Dexter to stay away from the spotlight. Also, Working near the lake will give him access to hide a pool of bodies at the lake.

The first eight seasons of the show were ruthless, filled with crimes, blood, and murders. However, it is said that Dexter season 9 will be much darker than the eight.

Limited- Series Cast and Plot

Fans of the show are looking forward to seeing the original cast return to the show. However, as of now, only Micahel C. Hall’s return is only confirmed. Well, there could be no Dexter without Hall. Meanwhile, actress Jamie Chung, who will be a part of season 9 said that there could be some familiar faces in the new season. Chung will play a true-crime podcaster.

More characters will join the show, mostly new members. However, the cast selection is underway. The production might release the line-up soon.

dexter season 9

Dexter season 9 is set in the fictional town of Iron Lake, New York. And after looking at the new post and clip, we believe he is on a hunt to find new prey, and he already has a new alias and occupation. But, one thing remains the same, Dexter is still a killer. And, somehow fans love that.

Although the revival was a shock to many, the showrunner and creators have been planning it out for years. When the news came out, many believed that it will change the season 8 finale giving a new ending to the show. But, the creators revealed that the season has nothing to do with the original series finale and run. It will have its own story structure and ground.

Well, the show has always been a hit. So, a new story will only entertain the fans more.

Until then, keep reading, and you can watch Dexter here. 

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