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Devious Lick Trend In Tiktok: Everything To Know

Today, we shall discuss everything about the Devious Lick Trend in Tiktok. Last year, a student wrote, “Soap dispensers, exit signs, safety signage for fire rescue, and classroom telephones are just a few of the removed and stolen items.” It started on social media with this note, and Tiktok has restricted it. Why? How is this new social media trend anyway related to stealing things that the student wrote about? Even f you aren’t aware of what this new challenge is, you must have understood that it has brought a negative impact. Moreover, the schools are also warning the parents about the same. Aren’t you confused now? Let’s explore the Devious Lick Trend.

Devious Lick Trend In Tiktok

Devious Lick Challenge

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Devious Lick Trend: Everything To Know

Well, the Devious Lick Trend involves the students posting videos that showcase them stealing or damaging school items. The term ‘lick’ means a ‘successful type of theft which results in an acceptable, impressive and rewarding payday for the protagonist.’ This trend is also called ‘Diabolical Licks’ and ‘Dastardly Licks.‘ It started at the beginning of September. The student’s username goes by ‘jugg4elias.’ He even added saying that he should have brought a mask from his home for the act. It was more like doing it and walking around the campus without a mask, just like a dirty dog. That particular video garnered more than 345,800 views. But later, it was removed and the user also has become inactive on the platform. That hasn’t stopped anything.

Since then, several videos of the same act are getting viral on the Tiktok platform with the hashtag Devious Lick. As mentioned earlier, schools are also cracking down on this issue. To be more specific about it, Sunlake High School in Florida has posted about it on Facebook. It states “while kids may think this is a harmless prank, it is indeed criminal activity which will lead to serious school consequences and arrests.” 

Tiktok is such a platform that doesn’t allow content that promotes criminal activities. Removing the content is also redirecting the hashtag Devious Lick to discourage the act. At present, if you go to the search bar and seek ‘Devious Lick’, you will get an error message appearing on the screen stating ‘No Results Found.’ It’s good that the platform has disenabled it.

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