Detective Pikachu Review: Almost Perfect

Just wow, this one has been an incredible movie to watch. No one expected this movie to be this insanely great. There are almost no flaws in the movie, even though a flawless movie is not a possibility but there are quite very little flaws in this one. First of all Ryan Reynolds has made the new version of Pikachu insanely lively.

This Pokemon teams up with a character named Tim whose father has gone missing. Thus, Pikachu and his partner Tim set out on a journey to find Tim’s father. The city in which the movie takes place is seemingly a combination of London and Tokyo which is beautiful to see.

Also, CGI bringing a character like Pikachu alongside real human beings is just legendary to behold. Ted is a great example of such a movie but Pokemon just takes the awesomeness to just an entirely new level. The backbone of any good movie is its story and this story is pretty great. One mysterious chapter after another keeps on unfolding and it seems like the viewers just get submerged in the artistic storytelling of the movie.

The movie contains some humorous instances which are expected. Overall it might just be the best ever movie based on a video game. But there is a small little detail that needs attention in the movie, that is the side characters do not get that much screentime and also their storylines are not that good.

It feels like a storyline of a side unimportant character which is something I did not like. Especially, because the story was great they could have done a little better and given the side characters a little more detail and importance.

Detective Pikachu Reaction

Apart from that, I literally do not see any sort of faults in this video game adaptation of a movie.

A special shout out should be given to Ryan Reynolds whose voice acting behind Pikachu has been absolutely stunning. I thought beforehand that he is going to bring out the funny element in of this character to the plate and he certainly has done so but also he has added some of the even better things to this character as well.

It was a pleasure to behold such an awesome movie. I’m delighted to have watched such a great classic. I do hope we get a sequel to this movie as I certainly just cannot get enough of it. Do mention in the comments section down below what your thoughts on this movie are.

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