Detective Conan Hiatus For 7 Weeks Announced

A Detective Conan hiatus for nearly two months was announced in the latest issue of Weekly Shonen Jump; this will take effect starting with the magazine’s 33rd issue. This hiatus will be done for Gosho Aoyama to conduct “research” during the break is in effect. It is expected that the manga will be back with an explosive chapter after the hiatus.

Detective Conan Hiatus Announcement

Detective Conan Hiatus

A hiatus is not a strange thing for long-running manga series; there are even manga series which are known for their hiatuses. Detective Conan is not a stranger in taking breaks to recharge. In the 32nd issue of Weekly Shonen Sunday, it was revealed that the long-running show would take a nearly two-month hiatus.

The hiatus will be starting from the 33rd issue up to the 39th issue. That’s seven weeks or almost two months of no release from the main Detective Conan manga. After this Detective Conan hiatus, the series will come back with a big explosion in the 40th issue of Weekly Shonen Sunday.

It can be remembered that the manga went on hiatus last year. It even went on an extended hiatus last December because of Aoyama’s medical treatment. The series was resumed last Aprill 11.

Detective Conan: Zero the Enforcer

Detective Conan Hiatus

Hiatuses are pretty much a pain in the neck, but they are not leaving us with no dose of Detective Conan goodness. To fill the gap that the main Detective Conan manga temporarily left, the publication will release chapters of Meitantei Conan Zero no Tea Time (Detective Conan: Zero’s Tea Time). Detective Conan: Zero’s Tea Time is a spinoff manga series created by Takahiro Arai.

The spinoff manga will feature Toru Amuro as the main protagonist. Detective Conan: Zero’s Tea Time will replace the main manga for temporarily until the Detective Conan hiatus will be finished. As per Anime News Network, Aoyama has “complete supervision” over this spinoff manga.

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