Destiny Chronicles To Relaunch Its Kickstarter Campaign

Destiny Chronicles release date

After failing to meet the funding goals, Visualnoveler has decided to give Destiny Chronicles another go and has announced that the Kickstarter campaign will be re-initiated in just two days from now. It was the first crowdfunding effort but, the financial goal was to meet at least a total of 40000 dollars which it wasn’t able to meet. However, the developer still hopes that the upcoming Kickstarter campaign might turn the tables for them.

Destiny Chronicles Kickstarter New Demo:

According to Dual Shockers, before the end of the campaign, the game was only able to meet 23000 dollars, which is clearly way short from the initial goal. After that, a Patreon Page was started to continue the funding process, and it was also a way to give fans who believed in the project, crucial information about the further developments implemented in the game.

In November 2017, Visualnoveler said, “Although we were unable to reach our funding goal, your belief in Destiny Chronicles means a lot to us. Once we have a more polished version ready, we will relaunch on Kickstarter.” For the upcoming relaunch, a demo is made available by the developer.

Destiny Chronicles Features:

According to the official website of the game, Destiny Chronicles is “Inspired by classic action JRPGs; Destiny Chronicles is an action role-playing game about a squire named Celeste who begins a journey to prove herself worthy of becoming a true knight. Her quest takes her far from her home, across the continent in pursuit of a thief whose actions stem from a sinister plot.”

  • Character-Driven Story – As Celeste travels across the continent with her companions Valana and Ruby.
  • Exciting, Dynamic Battles – Take on a variety of enemies with an exciting action combat system.
  • Beautiful, Mysterious World
  • Customization – Use an expansive talent tree to customize Celeste’s fighting style.
  • Quests – alongside, the main story mode, additional side quests are also available.
    Party Interactions
  • Enchanting – Upgrade your gear and boost your skills by enchanting them with magical relics.

Destiny Chronicles Kickstarter Release Date:

Destiny Chronicles Kickstarter campaign will again launch on 5th September 2018. For more information, check the official website of Visualnoveler.


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