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Destination Fear Season 3: Everything We Know So Far

Everything We Know About Destination Fear Season 3
From Travel Channel's Destination Fear Featuring Dakota Laden, Chelsea Laden, Tanner Wiseman and Alex Schroeder

Destination Fear is coming back with a season 3. Of course, for the past two seasons, the show has managed to stay true to its audience. Thus giving us some real-life paranormal experience as the team of Dakota Laden explores some of the haunted places in the world. What makes the show special is that unlike the other paranormal ghost hunting shows. The cast we have are not some paranormal experts or ghost hunters. They are enthusiasts, much like every audience watching the show out there. Thus making the show more relatable, connecting, and fun.

So here today, we are breaking down everything we know about Destination Fear Season 3. The show’s release date and the date it will be wrapping up with a scheduled number of episodes. The exact time it will be arriving along with the channel. Also, all the online platforms will be available to watch. Then we will dive deep into how the third season will be different and the new locations the team of Dakota is visiting this season. This goes from hospitals to prisons to the right at homes. No place remains free from hauntings.

Destination Fear Season 3 Release Date

Destination Fear Season 3 is releasing on July 24, 2021. The very first episode “Waverly Hills Sanatorium” will air on Travel Channel at 9 PM ET/PT. A total of eight episodes are coming this season, with a new airing every Saturday at the same time and channel. It will wrap up on September 11, 2021, with the season finale. The eighth episode is titled Villisca Axe Murder House and Malvern Manor”. For the cord-cutters, Destination Fear Season 3 will be available to stream on Discovery+  and Travel Channel’s Official Website. They will surface once the episode is finished airing on TV. Destination Fear Season 3 will also be available on video-on-demand services such as Amazon Prime Video, VUDU, iTunes, Microsoft, YouTube TV, and Google Play Movies and TV.

Destination Fear Season 3 – What Will Be The New Season All About?

Much like every season of Destination Fear. The brand new third season will mark the return of paranormal investigator and documentary filmmaker Dakota Laden. He and his team comprising of his sister Chelsea Laden and friends Tanner Wiseman and Alex Schroeder will take a trip to various haunted and paranormal locations across the country of the US. All in the hope of capturing something interesting, out of the world, or downright scary.

Destination Fear Season 3 Release Date and Plot

From Travel Channel’s Destination Fear Featuring Dakota Laden, Chelsea Laden, Tanner Wiseman, and Alex Schroeder

Unlike the other paranormal shows, Destination Fear sees Dakota’s team spending a night at these locations. They sleep overnight and spend time much like every other family or individual will do. Then record every single thing they experience during their stay. The next day they examine their experiences and real-life events. How they affected them and impacted their psychological states post the days spent. Also, check out the interview of Dakota and Chelsea from Destination Fear as they talk about the coming third season on The Jason Show.

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The New Cases This Season

The third season is off to quite a star-studded location. Some of the most popular haunted places in the US are the subject of the show. Starting off with the Waverly Hills Sanatorium. One of the notoriously haunted places in the world with a history of TB patients who died here.  Then one of the episodes will also see Dakota communicating with the dead at Fort Knox. Then one of the bloodied prisons ever in the form of Missouri State Penitentiary will be part of the show as well. Chelsea will be communicating with a child kidnapper who won’t leave her alone.

Destination Fear Season 3

From Travel Channel’s Destination Fear Featuring Dakota Laden, Chelsea Laden, and Tanner Wiseman

Talking about Prisons, Dakota’s team also has Ohio State Reformatory from The Shawshank Redemption to investigate too. A place is full of revenge called Greene County Almshouse. Then home to mysterious society known for entombing skeletons in the walls in the form of Odd Fellows Home.

Towards the finale of the show, we will be witnessing places known for gruesome murders in the past. For example, at Edinburgh Manor where residents slit their throats themselves to escape misery. Lastly, the Villisca Axe Murder House will close the show. The place is known for being one of the coldest cases in US History. An entire family along with two house guests were bludgeoned to death with no suspect to back up the case.

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