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Desiree Washington Net Worth: What Was Her Conflict With Mike Tyson?

Desiree Washington

Desiree Washington garnered huge media attention after she accused boxing legend, Mike Tyson of r *** in 1991. The 18-year-old became the talk of the town after this accusation took media tabloids by storm. The accusation was soon taken up by the court and the heavyweight boxing champion was sentenced to six years in prison despite disputing the allegations back in 1991. Mike Tyson talked about the incident in his autobiography titled Undisputed Truth: My Autobiography” that he released back in 2013.  The boxing legend stated that the consequences of her actions are something that she has to live with for the rest of her life.

Desiree Washington was praised for her bravery as she was up against one of the biggest legends of the boxing field while she was just 18. Desiree hails from Miss Black Rhode Island and was a beauty pageant participant. The young girl accused the boxer of sexual assault. While not much is known about her as she did not want her whole life to come under media scrutiny, here’s what we know about Desiree Washington. Desiree Washington came under immense pressure and had to navigate her life away from the traumatic experience.

Desiree Washington Net Worth: What Do We Know About Her?

According to reports, she was invited to Tyson’s hotel room in Indianapolis. Desiree went to Methodist Hospital’s emergency department the following day to report that she had been r****. After filing a complaint the case was followed by a two weeks trial and the court proceedings started. Desiree Washington has an estimated net worth of $50,000.

Desiree Washington

According to Desiree, Mike Tyson was laughing while she was in tears and sobbing. Desiree’s statements were back by Tyson’s chauffeur who further states that she was in a total state of shock. Desiree went on record to say that to take the side of a Black man over a Black woman is not equal. She had to face public judgment as many pointed fingers at her. The public and media handled the situation differently. What made her situation all the more troubling was, she was subjected to judgment from people who didn’t know the whole truth.

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Desiree Washinton Opened Up About The  Horrifying Incident To Barbara Walters.

While the incident led to the boxing star facing a prison sentence of six years, as he served three years, the incident took a huge toll on Desiree’s mental health. The young girl appeared for an exclusive interview with Barbara Walters in 1992. Desiree confessed that the traumatizing incident changed her as a person.  She was an outgoing and jovial person but after this she became secluded. Washington also claimed that she was offered $1 million to drop the charges.

Not only that but she was subjected to public backlash. Desiree further claimed that many blamed her for putting herself in danger knowing Mike Tyson’s troubled past. The court hearing soon took an intense turn as Mike Tyson refuted the allegations saying that the relationship was mutual. The incident became one of the biggest controversies while Mike Tyson still has a different story to tell about it. He is now focusing more on his entrepreneurial career and doing podcasts and interviews. We wonder whether this incident will be mentioned in the upcoming  Hulu series that is about Mike Tyson.

What Happened To Her After The Incident?

Desiree Washinton has maintained a low profile since the whole incident caught fire and turned into one of the biggest scandals of all time. While not much is known about her, it has been reported that she lived with her mother and has a degree in Psychology. Moreover, Desiree’s attorney Michael Weisman has claimed that it was difficult to pick up the pieces after the agonizing incident.

Desiree Washington

The r*** incident left behind a deep mental scar on her mind she has been recovering from it with time. However, to this date, the boxing legend has been vocal about her not being guilty of the charges he faced. Desiree, however, never really returned to the limelight. The incident remains one of Tyson’s darkest chapters of his life. This is not the only controversy about the boxing legend as he had earlier been subjected to several other accusations.

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