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Derrick Jaxn Net Worth, Career, Personal Life & Earnings

Derrick Jaxn Net Worth

You may not know him, but his name is all over the media this past few weeks. Derrick Jaxn often called himself a social media personality. The internet business that he runs focuses on helping people building their interpersonal relationships with their surroundings. He was known as a decent man and also a self-love ambassador.

He gathered over 700,000 subscribers in his Youtube channel, in which he posted mostly about his routine, daily life, and activities. As a self-love ambassador, he also posts some motivation videos frequently about body positivity, life motivation, and philosophical take on life and romantic relationship.

Most of the time, people are buying what Derrick Jaxn is saying. They took it to their heart and saw him as a role model. In the year 2021, he marked his 7th year of posting content daily via his youtube channel. And for those fulfilling seven years of career and growth, everything seemed perfect from the public perspective.

A case of cheating and affair that shocked the fans

An affair and a cheating scandal on marriage is something the public did not expect from Derrick Jaxn. He is a public figure, after all. His reputation lays in his action. That’s why, when the news about her wife’s cheating accusations against him went viral, fans were shocked and appalled.

This is not the kind of Derrick people knew all along. But nobody, not even Derrick, ever said that he is a holy creature. He does sin.

Two days ago, the wife of relationship expert Derrick Jaxn opened up after her husband confesses to cheating. The shocking confession also gets 1. 3 million followers for Instagram.

Derrick Jaxn district married his wife Da’naia on January 15, 2018. But they already have a kid before marriage. Their daughter Morley was born in 2016, two years before their marriage.

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Who really is Da’naia Jackson?

Dana Jackson has taken the role of Derrick Jackson’s wife for three years now. In that span of three years, Da’naia has given birth to two beautiful children that they raise with Derrick.

She district graduate from di Tuskegee university in Alabama with a marketing degree in 2011. She is now working as a businesswoman. Living her middle-age life as a gift. The news of her husband’s affair surely shocked not just the entire world but also her as a wife.

Some people reported that right before her wedding, she immediately lost 34 kg after suffering from heavy post-partum depression for the birth of her first daughter.

What are they doing for a living?

Simply put, they are an internet-based relationship expert. Derrick Jaxn started very small as a business of “self-love” beginning in the year 2012. He asked his wife Da’naia Broadus to appear in his videos and little lectures on love and relationship. Their goal is to make their very own relationship a standard for anyone yearning for a healthy romance and marriage.

They have been doing it consistently for almost a decade, making videos for their growing amount of viewers. Their viewers then later became absolute fans who supported them fully.

Their discussions on related matters always get mixed up with religious traits. The 31-year-old Derrick also wrote seven books about relationships and act as the CEO of one couple game with the name “mentally stimulate me card game”.

Derrick Jackon

Derrick Jaxn’s Total Net worth 2021

Relying on credible sources across the internet, we can say that Derrick Jxn himself has reached total earnings or net worth of $134,500 every year.

Those incredible amounts of money include mostly from the business they are taking care of in the card business. Other than that, he also wrote a fictional book, “a cheating man’s heart,” part 1-3, and “heal together without hurting each other”.

They usually do some live events and speak their minds about relationships, God, and the holy spirit. Their ability to mix religious faith and romantical technique makes them stand high in a prominent position.

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